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My goal is to help you create a strong mind, healthy body, and unshakeable spirit.


Dr. Glassman And His Work

Charles F. Glassman, MD, aka CoachMD™, practiced internal medicine for over thirty years. During this period, he observed that many, if not most, problems for which people seek medical attention stem from daily life challenges. Instead of automatically giving a pill to try and make them go away, Dr. Glassman sought to empower individuals with information and guidance so that they could learn to better take care of themselves.


Strong Mind


Healthy Body


Unshakeable Spirit

Books By Dr. Glassman

Dr. Glassman's collection of digital products offers a transformative journey into self-awareness and personal growth. Each creation is a blend of insightful wisdom, practical advice, and inspirational guidance designed to empower individuals in navigating the complexities of the mind and emotions. These resources are tools for anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of themselves and their interactions with the world, fostering a life of greater clarity, purpose, and fulfillment.


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