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"No matter how much our outside situation needs to change, real change must first come from the inside"

About Dr. Glassman

With over 30 years of experience in general internal medicine in Rockland County, NY, Dr. Charles F. Glassman stands out as a pioneer in patient-centered, integrative healthcare. As a New York Medical College graduate, his medical journey is marked by excellence and a deep commitment to holistic well-being.

Beyond his distinguished medical career, Dr. Glassman is the author of "Brain Drain," "Fake News Stories, by Your Brain," and "Quotes for Life." These works encapsulate his profound understanding of the human psyche, the power of the mind-body connection, and the importance of introspection and personal growth. Brain Drain explores the intricacies of the automatic brain and its impact on behavior, Fake News Stories by Your Brain delves into the self-created narratives that shape our reality, and Quotes for Life offers a daily source of inspiration and reflection

Throughout his medical career, Dr. Glassman has been recognized by both peers and patients, earning several prestigious awards. He has received the Top Doctors award in the NY Metro and Hudson Valley regions, been listed in the U.S. World and News Report as a Top Doctor, was named a Top Doctor by the Consumer Research Council of America, and received the Compassionate Doctor Award and Patient Choice Award. These accolades underscore his exceptional skill, empathy, and dedication to his patients.

Now embracing his role as Coach MD, Dr. Glassman extends his expertise beyond the clinical realm. He is dedicated to guiding individuals toward a life of greater awareness, fulfillment, and balance, leveraging his vast experience in medicine and life philosophy. Dr. Glassman's journey is not just about health; it's about transforming lives through knowledge, empathy, and a relentless pursuit of wellness in all its forms.


Dr. Glassman's unique approach to medicine, combining traditional methods with cutting-edge and unconventional therapies, has positioned him as a vanguard in the field. His transition to one of the first Concierge medical practices in the U.S. in 2002 highlights his dedication to personalized healthcare, focusing on health and wellness rather than just treating illness.

As a consultant for a medical research lab focusing on the diseases of aging, Dr. Glassman has always been ahead of his time, advocating for treatments and technologies that enhance and extend life, even before they gain mainstream acceptance. His belief in doing what is right for patients over conforming to the majority opinion has been a guiding principle throughout his career.

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