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Your COVID Self-Help Survival Guide

Updated: Jan 16

Life will never be the same. The coronavirus pandemic is unlike any event we've ever collectively experienced, and it's made us reevaluate how we live and what's important. And while some of the changes we've made are temporary, some things should stick around long after the WHO says the virus is no longer a significant threat.

Here are a few ways to adapt to the world we are all getting to know anew, brought to you by Coach MD.

Seize joy.

Joy is not the same for everyone. Find yours, and once you find it, make sure that you can access it when you need it most. For example, this might be in the form of a pet; people have been clearing out shelters like crazy, seeking out the companionship and stress reduction companion animals provide. If pets are too much responsibility, don't rule out the addition of a beautiful houseplant, which can also soothe your nerves and improve your mood.

Another way you can embrace joy is through music. Verywell Mind explains there are ample perks from your favorite jam, too, like stress reduction, better cognitive performance, and even improved pain management. Whether you lean towards Brahms or The Beastie Boys, you can turn to your favorite tunes when you need a lift.

Think through whatever it is that always brings you joy, and keep it close during these challenging times.

Create a calming space.

Your home is your haven — or at least it should be. Make sure you enjoy every square foot. Start by purging it of negative energy. Don't know how? Open a window to allow in fresh air and sunshine. Next, spend some time cleaning each room and taking all the things you don't need, and kicking those that don't bring you happiness to the curb. As Psychology Today notes, clutter can weigh you down, reminding you of unfinished projects and making you feel generally disrupted. Deal with the physical "stuff," and you can feel more at ease.

Go outside more often.

It's as simple as opening your front door and walking into the sunshine. Fresh air is great to let into your home, but it's even more effective when it wraps around you. Being outside can stave off depression and lower your stress levels, which we all need as 2020 comes to a close. The closer you are to nature, the more you'll appreciate and respect what a simple sunrise and living in the now can do for the soul.

Accept things you can't change.

The past is over, and your future awaits. If it's already happened, let it go. Therapist Joseph Wilner explains that letting go of things you can't alter will help you embrace change, helping you learn to live with what has to stay the same.

Support local.

If you want to make an impact in your community, stop spending all of your money on Amazon. Shop locally whenever you can. Buy your gifts from small businesses, eat at family-owned diners, and hire service providers from word of mouth instead of the internet. You can purchase gift certificates, use curbside pickup, or request delivery if you're uncomfortable going out.

Make your own way.

If you've lost your job because of the virus, don't be content to accept an income hit. And don't shy away from launching your own business, especially if that's a dream you've always had. Begin by looking at your skillset. You likely have experienced that you can sell as an entrepreneur, form an LLC to protect your personal wealth, and enjoy tax perks. Creating a New Jersey LLC is an easy process that you can do through an online service without an attorney's expense.


Perhaps more than any of these suggestions, remember that time is a limited commodity, and you only have 24 hours in each day. Use them wisely. Take up a hobby you enjoy, read a book, or call a friend. You don't have to spend every minute worrying about the state of the world. Your time is best spent giving back to yourself, your family, and your community. Doing so now will ease you through the global crisis while preparing you for a better life after COVID is a mere memory.

Look to Coach MD for more valuable advice and information to help you stay healthy and happy.

by Sara Bailey

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