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5 Ways To Appreciate The Little Things (And Attract The Big Ones) by Dr. Charles Glassman, CoachMD

Updated: Jan 16

To be sure, it is hard to be upbeat and optimistic all the time. My declaration, “live your everyday extraordinary”, just doesn’t feel right all the time. Yet, you and I know that having a positive mindset is one of the primary ways to maintain optimal health.

Much of the difficulty comes from the fact that many of us find ourselves waiting for the big one. You know, that big sign that something more is going on, greater than our human brains can comprehend or that our senses can detect. Something that tells us that we are not alone in the universe and that God really does exist. Or that concepts as the “Law of Attraction” and “Think and Grow Rich” are indeed valid.

But what if God was one of us, as Joan Osborne sang in her hit song from1995. What if what we were looking and waiting for was simply part of us; part of our day; part of our life? Maybe it does not seem all that dramatic or even the least bit appealing, but what if that were the truth?

From my observation, when we are continually yearning for that big sign, we usually miss the magic that surrounds us every day. After all, sometimes the smallest sign is what we have been waiting for all along. I will contend that it is the small doses of daily magic that most reaffirm our presence in a vast universe that is as mysterious as our imagination will allow; one that permits the presence of complexity that supersedes our comprehension.

So, how do we begin to notice this daily magic and tap into our inner earthly, personal power while reaffirming our faith in ethereal forces?

1. Keep a Daily Magic journal

As Albert Einstein once said, "Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous. Take special noitce of the unexpected circumstances that occur, each day – the unexpected call from a friend just as you were thinking of her; bumping into someone whom you have not seen in a long while; your special song coming up on the radio when you needed to hear it most; a particular blog appearing exactly when you needed to read it. If you don't write these things down, I guarantee you they will be lost quickly amongst the challenges of daily life.

2, Become aware of your surroundings

I guarantee that while you go about your daily routines, you pass by items in your environment that you barely notice. Each day notice one item that you usually pass by, yet are typically unaware. This item may not be an "item" at all. It could be a scent, the particular way the air brushes your cheek while you carry out a common task.

3. Experience music

This is very different from listening to music. Try to pick up a specific instrument and attempt to listen only to that one throughout the piece. Don't do this while driving as it takes extreme focus.

4. Change Routes

Whether you are driving to work or going to an appointment, take a different route than usual. You will be amazed how this small action can open the door to an entire new world.

5. Begin sharing your experiences

Write on this blog what you discover, tweet your daily magic #DailyMagic, post on Facebook. Share, share, share!


When you enhance your vision and focus, you will be amazed on how many magical and, yes, miraculous experiences you will have each day. When you share these it wil reaffirm your faith in humanity and begin to reveal the portal to the divine in all of us.

© Charles F. Glassman, MD/CoachMD

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