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Invigorating Your Relationship Through Embracing Wanderlust

Updated: Jan 16

Vacations can make or break many couples and are often one of the first opportunities for couples to experience each other as if they were living together. For established couples, travel can be crucial. A study by the Journal of Travel Research found that vacations help couples to deepen their relationship and are an opportunity to open communication, explore their respective personalities, and learn new things.

For the couple struggling with relationship problems, or perhaps just looking for new ways to invigorate and enhance their relationship, hand-picking your travel could serve up the perfect opportunity. From new couples to those who have found their soulmates, there are benefits to be taken from taking adventures around the world. The result is a benefit to your happiness, healthiness, and all-round wellness.

The psychological benefits of travel with your loved one

It’s well established that relationships develop a huge range of psychological features over their course. Interdependence, confidence changes, and certain anxieties are, according to one study in the Current Directions in Psychological Science, commonly established in relationships. Travel and adventure with your loved one can help to strengthen positive psychological connections and break down negative ones. Key here is the removal of stress; according to a report by US News, removing stress develops relationships as you are able to entirely focus on your relationship and how you benefit one another. This is alongside the wide range of individual psychological benefits that travel imparts, and when experienced as a couple, generates a positive reinforcement effect.

Embracing adventure as a couple

On a vacation, it’s important to invest your money in experiences rather than material objects. The reason for this is that an engaged mind is a happy mind. A study by Berkeley found that the human mind wanders 47% of the time and would be healthier if occupied for a greater portion of that. If you’re seeking to travel as a couple, you will do better exploring new, fun adventures rather than opting to spend a holiday shopping or sat entirely around a pool. Of course, relaxation is important to reset from the pressures of modern life, but the research shows that you’ll be happier and more inspired by trying stuff out of your comfort zone.

The best activities and travel for curious couples

If you would like to engage with your partner on an envelope-pushing, exciting foreign adventure, what sorts of activities are likely to be the most invigorating? A good start is through simple museums and culture. Even if you’re unable to entirely comprehend the content in a museum, it will subconsciously stimulate you and your partner; a study by University College London found that museums make you healthy and happy. Taking culture to another level, consider entering into a culture that is lingually and socially foreign. The challenge of operating in a foreign country, learning their customs and sharing this experience with your loved one can be exhilarating, and help you to learn a lot about each other as you learn how to operate in a foreign country.

Your relationship can benefit hugely from travel. Mental health benefits can be shared and enjoyed with your loved one, and the lack of distractions strengthen your relationship. Consider your own relationship and the nature of your trips away and see if you might benefit from embracing a little wanderlust.

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