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Updated: Jan 16

Try calculating the probability of getting a call from an old friend after just thinking about them. Or, your favorite song coming on the radio just as you turn on the car. Or, you smiling at a stranger, just as they needed to receive a smile. These are the events unexplained by logic, reason, and probability, yet are the foundation and guiding principles of faith.

How many of us have had these “coincidences”? Generally they go by the wayside and we talk about them for a few days, later to forget them in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. But really these occurrences must not be ignored. You see, our sensibilities, that which keeps us thinking we are sane, practical, logical, rational—that which locks into the “real” world and what we see as grounded—is based on predictions of cause and effect, as well as probability and statistics. Namely, our rational belief systems are based on the physical laws of the universe.

However, there are events happening in our lives, every day, which defy probability. You can keep chalking them up to coincidence to make them fall neatly into our practical world. Nevertheless, think about that last time you heard your favorite song, or the song you needed to hear, precisely at the time you turned on the radio or changed the station. Recently, I had an unexpected cancellation in my office schedule, freeing me up to travel to see a patient in the hospital, much earlier than my planned after office visit. Getting into the car, I checked my emails and saw that my wife had forwarded one from my son Jeremy, then out of the country. As I turned on the car and opened the email, a song played on the radio by the band Pearl Jam…the name of the song: Jeremy!

Okay, no biggie. I mean the sky did not open and the heavens rain with singing angels and the voice of God. Although, maybe it did. When we are open to such occurrences, they actually seem to happen more often. Mostly they defy any type of logic and defy statistical analysis. The odds are astronomical of two people crossing paths at exactly the same time, as happened to my family and me, when bumping into my college roommate while on vacation some years ago. The permutations in their life and your life for that moment to intersect do violate mathematical sensibilities.

To me, these coincidences are magical. I have coined a term for them: Daily Magic. Many of you have met me through I also use Twitter as well and ask you to join me there, too.. I encourage you to start a revolution of #DailyMagic on Twittter and Facebook. Post your “coincidences” there. The more this catches on, the more we will all begin to see the connection of something more than the limitations of our physical world and our primitive nature. Doing so will open up access to our divine nature—that which connects all of us—and will help you to live with purpose and passion. So don’t forget, #DailyMagic.

© Dr. Charles F. Glassman/CoachMD

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