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What To Know When Starting Your Doula Business

Updated: Jan 15

Doulas are becoming increasingly popular for mothers as supportive figures to guide them through maternity. While a doula does not replace doctors and midwives, health care professionals can only provide so much hands-on attention per mother. Those seeking a more comprehensive experience may seek the assistance of a doula. As such, you need to prepare yourself—here is what you need to know when starting your doula business.

Handy Education Tools

Maternity involves many stages that all require working knowledge in order to approach them with ease—at the end of the day, knowledge is power. That is why you must ensure your business has handy educational tools for mothers at every point in the maternity process. Aside from childbirth, another stress-inducing aspect of maternity is breastfeeding. As such, provide your business with various breastfeeding teaching aids that will help educate and guide them along in the process.

Type of Doula Service

Doulas provide a range of supportive services throughout maternity—there are different types of doulas, like birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and antepartum doulas, to name a few. One of the most important things to know when starting your doula business is that you should be quite clear on the type of doula service you will provide. Many mothers will look for a specific doula to help them during a particular process, so you want to be as clear as possible to avoid confusion and frustration. If you are still undecided, consider shadowing different types of doulas to help you narrow down your decision.

Pricing Range

It would be a good idea to set a sliding scale pricing to accommodate a range of mothers with various abilities. A sliding scale is also a great opportunity to get a wide range of experiences with mothers from different communities and cultures. This is especially important if you are a relatively new doula, as you can never have too much experience. You may even consider providing volunteer services as well.

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