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Top 5 Reasons to Take a Road Trip for Your Mental Health

Updated: Jan 16

COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone stay locked in their houses because of the surge in daily cases and the never-ending lockdowns. Since traveling still might not be safe, the only other way to travel without worrying is going in your private vehicle. This much-needed road trip can significantly impact your mental health, especially if this year has been hard on you. Let’s explore the top five reasons a road trip can have on your mental health.

1. Acts As Stress Buster

Overworking and stress go hand in hand. So what happens if you go on a small road trip after a stressful time at work? According to a Japanese study, a short 3-day leisure trip can significantly reduce cortisol, often termed as the stress hormone. If you’re happy, your stress will decrease, and you’ll be more productive once you return. A change of pace from your daily monotonous life can do good to your mental and physical health. For a further stress-free road trip, one can load all the heavy luggage on a land rover roof rack.

2. Improved Physical Health

Lower levels of stress don’t just mean a better mindset. It also means that there are lesser chances of having heart diseases and high blood pressure. Studies have concluded that a trip away from home could prolong your life. Other than that, people have been confined in their houses because of the recent COVID-19 lockdown. A road trip can offer an opportunity to give your body a chance to stretch, and a sound body means a sound mind.

3. Improves Personal Bonds

A road trip can be a medium to improve your bond with your loved ones. Think of it as a self-care opportunity to reminisce about childhood with your family, catch up to an old friend, or strengthen relationships with your partner. Since you’re spending days side-by-side on a road trip, there is an opportunity to have undisturbed conversations and spend quality time together. Improved personal relationships mean better mental health.

4. Increase In Productivity

People tend to be more productive after their mind is clear and fresh. Psychologists say that 64 percent of people feel more refreshed and excited to get back to work after a vacation. Road trips can put you in various situations that will need critical thinking. With increased productivity and problem-solving skills, you might even get that promotion you had your eyes on!

5. Chance For Self-Exploration

Traveling can expand your mind the way you never thought it could. Famous writers and artists have confessed that their travels have been a major source of creative inspiration. The little traveling lessons and observations along the way could make you re-evaluate life.


This year has proven to be a little hard on the mental health of people worldwide. Simple things like going on a road trip or enjoying time with your loved ones can keep you grounded. After all, it’s these little things in life that can keep pushing you to work harder. With the vaccine on the way, it’s time to take a break. Grab your planner and reward yourself with a safe road trip with people you cherish. Before you know it, you will start feeling lighter and stress-free.

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