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The Best Sports To Start Playing Regardless of Your Age

Updated: Jan 16

Are you looking for a fun way to stay active and lose weight? If so, there’s no better way than taking up a sport. Competitive sports are fun, engaging, and a great way to exercise. There are some sports that you can enjoy no matter your age. That’s because they don’t require too much physical exertion. These sports are ideal because you can enjoy them for life. They’ll always be a source of recreation and exercise for you. If you want to learn about some sports you can play even if you’re older, you’re in the right place. Here’s a list of the best sports to start playing regardless of your age.


Do you want to strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility? Then you should consider taking up archery. It’s a fantastic sport that you can start at any age. Whether you’re 12 or 57, you can learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. You’ll develop muscles due to the resistance necessary to fire the bow. You’ll also develop a keen eye for aiming and improve your hand-eye coordination. If you’re older and looking for a way to stay active, archery is a great choice.


Running is a competitive sport that doubles as a form of exercise. You can train to run a marathon no matter your age. Also, doing so will provide numerous health benefits. Running will improve your lung capacity and endurance. You’ll also burn many calories, which is excellent if you want to lose weight. Even if you don’t run competitively, it’s a great way to stay active. Jogging a few miles in the morning will help you stay healthy and happy. Running releases endorphins that can boost your mood, which is another benefit.


You can start rowing at any age, but you’ll probably need a few people to help you. After all, it’s not much fun rowing a boat by yourself. Rowing will help tone your arms, chest, and core muscles. It’s also a notorious calorie burner, so it’s a great way to lose weight.


Lastly, we have the sport of pickleball. It’s great for young and older adults alike. Pickleball is similar to the traditional game of tennis but easier to play. This is one of the best sports to play no matter what age you are, and you should get your family involved in playing pickleball too!

Those are our picks for the best sports to start playing regardless of your age. Even if you’ve never played a sport before, you can pick any of these up and find success. Consider archery, rowing, jogging, and pickleball if you’re searching for a sport to try.

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