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The Best Exercises To Improve Your Memory

The struggle to remember things can be worrisome. Whether you’ve forgotten what you’re looking for or lost your train of thought, losing the ability to focus on memories can significantly impact our lives. Our brains struggle to focus and concentrate because our minds are often overworked and overstressed with daily tasks and distractions.

However, adding exercises to relax and naturally promote concentration makes a huge difference. To learn more about the best exercises to improve your memory, continue reading our guide.


One of the best exercises to improve your memory is daily meditation. When you commit to periods of meditation or mindfulness, you provide your brain space to decompress from everyday stress and realign with your body’s essential breathing functions.

If your brain is overstimulated with numerous distractions, meditation is a highly effective method to quiet the noise of everyday life and improve focus. As your focus and concentration increase, your memory will also improve over time.

In fact, the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has published studies that show breathing exercises practiced during meditation can promote higher blood flow to the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain. These areas of the brain are responsible for storing and retrieving memories. Practicing meditation for even small increments throughout your week could create a significant difference in your memory and concentration.

Physical Exercise

Most people are aware of how physical exercise can stimulate and strengthen their muscles over time but don’t apply this same process to their brains. However, a regular workout routine can significantly affect the brain. Physical exercise has many different impacts on mental health, including better memory retrieval and concentration.

During physical exercises, the brain releases various hormones, such as endorphins. As these hormones spread, the brain produces more neural connections, strengthening its ability to focus, concentrate, and retrieve memories from the frontal and parietal lobes.

Pattern Memory Games

If you struggle with short-term memory, adding memory pattern games into your daily routine could improve the situation. When you practice pattern-based memory games, you challenge your mind to concentrate on short-term memories and improve existing neural connections. These games are a fun, easy, and effective solution that stimulates your brain’s ability to recognize patterns and focus.

Although it can be scary when we struggle to remember simple tasks, our brains can strengthen, grow, and improve over time. Consider adding these small exercises to your daily routine to give your brain the rest and stimulation it needs to stay healthy.

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