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Stop Sneezing When You Want To

Updated: Jan 16

Sneezing is an important, automatic reflex our body uses to get rid of a something that doesn't belong in our respiratory tract. However, all of us have found ourselves at one time or another being in a place where sneezing would be very inconvenient. I first came across this when I was a medical student. There was no way that I wanted a tickle in my nose to instigate a sneezing fit while observing surgery. If I was scrubbed and sterile I would not be able to perform what I am about to show you, but as an observing medical student, the operating surgeon showed me a very useful technique. By pressing one finger firmly, right under your nose and above your upper lip in the midline, just when you begin to experience the sensation of sneezing, you will likely abate the sneeze reflex. Try it! It works most of the time.

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