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Start a Successful Business Without Giving Up Your Supermom Status

Updated: Jan 16

Do you dream of building your own business but aren’t sure how to make that happen without sacrificing the quality of your family life? You can make that dream come true! There are opportunities offering enough flexibility and freedom that you can earn money and achieve that frequently elusive work-life balance you crave.

Becoming a “mompreneur” can seem like an overwhelming proposition. You may not even know how to dive in, let alone how to stay afloat once you’re swimming. Here are ideas for kinds of businesses that can fit well with a stay-at-home parenting lifestyle.

Sell Stuff

Whether you’re crafty and ready to turn your hobby into a money-maker or you just love to scour yard sales for fantastic bargains, the internet offers opportunities for online selling that can help you line your pockets. You can either offer your handcrafted goods or purchase items to resell. One idea is to buy items in bulk quantities at wholesale prices and then sell them for a profit. Another is to start a drop shipping business, which enables you to sell products created by outside manufacturers, but the manufacturers hold and ship inventory for you. However, you decide to do it, the key is to ensure you can mark up what you’re selling to cover your expenses and still turn enough profit for your venture to be worthwhile. Or, you may wish to sell your handcrafted items online or at occasional events. You can hit the local farmers market once a month for a Saturday morning and sell through an online platform the rest of the time. Some experts suggest doing craft fairs and trunk shows as well.

Office Help

Do you have organizing or office skills you could utilize? Becoming a virtual assistant is a great way to put those talents to work. You can engage busy clients through a platform, providing your services to those who need you to handle some bookkeeping, write letters, or schedule meetings and trips. The Self-Employed explains some businesses and individuals forego the overhead of regular office staff to manage these routine tasks. If organization, grammar, or numbers are your bag, check into websites that connect clientele looking for those services.

Kitchen Creations

If you love creating in the kitchen, a business baking or catering events could be a perfect fit. Some professionals note that you can potentially turn a garage into a work area for better efficiency. Consider making cakes for parties or cooking for a crowd. Weddings, birthdays, backyard barbecues, or tailgates can all be within your repertoire. Of course, you may need to make deliveries, depending on your target audience.

Making It All Work

There are several important considerations for making your new venture work not only for profitability but for keeping things as simple and smooth as possible. That way, you can focus on your real job, which is being a mom. Consider employing clever tools to keep your work efficient and flexible. For instance, an electronic payment system can be a boon, which provides the ability to reach new audiences, improve purchasing efficiency, and increase payment security. It helps build your brand presence while generating revenue — multitasking at its finest!

Tough Nickel recommends opting for daycare a couple days each week for a few hours per day. It provides you with a break to focus on your business instead of trying to divide your attention and energy. Another suggestion is to take a low-stress, low-hours, part-time position relating to your field of interest and use the opportunity for networking. It’s also a chance to put your fingers on the pulse of area business trends, preparing you to meet your clientele’s wants and needs.

You can start your own business without sacrificing your family life. Choose a framework that offers flexibility while making the most of your talents and interests. You can be a successful mompreneur with well-chosen tools and planning!

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