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Self-Therapy Tips To Help You Stay Calm

Updated: Jan 23

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people with feelings of stress and anxiety, so now is an ideal time to establish a way of managing and keeping track of your levels of stress and start figuring out how to lower those stress levels. You may feel overwhelmed by certain stressors in your life many times throughout the day, however, there are a lot of self-therapy tips you can follow to help keep you happy and calm. Whether you’re dealing with a never-ending chore list of are dealing with problems at home, these tips for stress management are what you need to help you get through the rest of the week and hopefully make dealing with this pandemic easier. 

Self-therapy is a set of habits and practices you follow to treat yourself with therapeutic methods that help you deal with personal or emotional situations. These include many different philosophies that are therapeutic such as psychotherapy, mindfulness practices, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Many people are looking for outlets to help them keep calm during these trying times, so a few simple self-therapy tips that you can incorporate into your day-to-day routine can be very beneficial to your health. 

Recently, the self-help genre has gotten a bad wrap, leaving you feeling like this may be too good to be true. Many scientists however have been studying self-therapy and its effects for years and the results have been successful. For example, scientists compared face-to-face therapy against the effects of self-therapy. The study resulted in each method having equal effects on participants’ levels of anxiety.

Plenty more studies have shown that practicing self-therapy practices can improve your mood and help reduce stress. The Medical Journal of Australia conducted a study that showed bibliotherapy (the therapy of written words) and exercise were effective in improving depression during winter, and another showed that exercise, relaxation training, and bibliotherapy all helped to improve anxiety. One study also showed that it can improve insomnia!

To experience the benefits of self-therapy, be sure to check out this infographic from TurboTenant below to see some of the best ways you can treat your body, mind, and soul with stress-relieving self-therapy.

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