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Other Professionals You May Need in a Divorce

Updated: Jan 16

When it comes to navigating divorce proceedings, you can’t do it alone. Even hiring a skilled attorney to advocate for you and your interests can prove lacking. Many divorcing spouses find themselves assembling a veritable army of professionals to assist in the financial, tangible, and emotional aspects of divorce. In addition to your lawyer, learn about some of the other professionals you may need in a divorce settlement.

A Mediator

If the conditions are favorable, you and your spouse may elect to skip the lawyers altogether and instead pool your resources into retaining a mediator, who will act as a “divorce umpire” of sorts. This person will work impartially to develop equitable and mutually satisfying solutions to the challenges of divorce negotiations. Working with a mediator is more affordable than hiring dueling attorneys. Plus, it keeps your proceedings out of the public record of divorce court—which is attractive to many high-profile couples.

Accountants and Financial Advisors

Much of a divorce comes down to dollars and cents. Tangible property is subject to division, along with financial assets such as IRAs, stock portfolios, real estate, and other investments. A collaborative divorce approach, in which spouses and their legal representation work together to settle divorce outside of courtroom litigation, often involves attorneys working alongside financial professionals to determine the outcomes to these issues of division.

Divorce Coaches

The propagation of the “life coach” has certainly been an interesting development. A more specialized iteration of this service is the “divorce coach,” a professional who helps spouses make some of the difficult decisions that lie ahead. Just as a life coach isn’t your psychologist, a divorce coach isn’t your attorney, but they may act as a useful resource in a tumultuous and overwhelming situation.

Real Estate Agents

When divorce means a change of address, you’ll be in close contact with a real estate agent to help you make a soft landing. There are lots of moving parts involved in these real estate transactions, particularly when an equitable division of property means selling a house spouses own together and liquidating that asset. A skilled agent can maximize the sale price of the property in conjunction with finding an affordable and comfortable living arrangement for the future.

Counselors or Therapists

While financial experts play a key role in settling the facts and figures of divorce, many separating spouses require additional help in dealing with their feelings. Among the many other professionals you may need in a divorce are counselors or licensed therapists who can provide guidance and expertise. While they may not sit down with your attorneys, you’ll be glad to sit down with them all the same.

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