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Most Simple Ways To Lose Unwanted Body Fat

Updated: Jan 16

Unfortunately, not everyone loves the way they look. Body image is a persistent struggle, especially when celebrities, influencers, and other high-ranking people have resources outside the average person’s control. Still, here are the most simple ways to lose unwanted body fat anyone can use to look and feel their best. Use these tips at the gym or at home with a doctor’s supervision.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most important ways to feel full without adding in excess calories is to stay hydrated. Suffice it to say, most people don’t drink enough water in their daily habits. Instead, they replace it with beer, soda, fruit juice, milk, or other calorically dense fluids. While these beverages may temporarily hydrate you, they do not provide enough essential electrolytes as water. No matter what, drink about a gallon of water a day to stay hydrated and replenish your body’s necessary fluids.

Stick To a Meal Plan

Additionally, stick to a regimented meal plan full of healthy foods. Following a clean meal plan is easy if you know the right tips. Refrain from eating junk foods or highly processed foods. Instead, keep your meals light, digestible, and tasty with lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. White meats, tuna, brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato, olive oil, and avocado are all great food options. You can even dress up your meals with a light condiment like sugar-free sauces, mustard, or spices for added flavor.

Do Cardio

Of course, while cutting out processed foods and drinking more water helps, you must still train your body through various exercises. Any exercise will help you lose fat if you’re at a caloric deficit—that is, if you eat fewer calories than you burn off. Still, weight training, yoga, and other forms of anaerobic activities will only do so much.

Therefore, it’s important to incorporate aerobic activities like cardio into your training regimen. Cardio is a great way to burn fat, improve heart health, and feel better about yourself. If you don’t like running or using a cardio machine for long durations at a time, consider a high-intensity interval workout (HIIT). HIIT sessions drastically cut time while burning more calories because you use more energy in the process.

Keep Cheat Foods To a Minimum

Finally, one of the most simple way to lose unwanted body fat is to clean up the diet. Of course, following a meal plan will help keep you on track to your targeted nutrient goals, but that doesn’t mean much if you supplement your diet with cheat foods every weekend. While you don’t need to cut out these foods completely, be cautious of your intake. Treat cheat foods as a reward after a hard training and dieting week.

If you constantly eat them, you’ll never achieve your desired weight goal. It also helps to keep these foods to one meal or one day rather than all weekend. While this may seem extreme, remember that you have a fitness goal to keep, and that having a cheat day helps motivate you along your journey.

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