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How Your Home Affects Anxiety and Depression

Updated: Jan 16

With the COVID-19 pandemic shifting everyone to remote work, remote school, and an overall more isolated life, it’s no surprise that we are all spending more time at home than ever before. And if you’ve found that your home has been a source of stress lately, you aren’t alone.

Studies have shown that your surroundings greatly affect your overall well-being. Meaning that if your home is constantly cluttered and messy, your brain will likely be as well. And that can spell trouble for people trying to work, learn, and generally live their lives in the same few rooms.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to make your home a more relaxing and inviting place for everyone in your family. By organizing, decluttering, and decorating your home to your tastes, you can improve your anxiety and depression in one fell swoop.

From updating the colors of your walls and bringing in more light to setting up a sacred space or a home gym, you can begin to see huge improvements in your mental health and ability to focus. To learn more about the healthy home updates you can make for your home, check out the infographic from Hippo insurance below.

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