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How Diabetics Can Benefit From Insulin Pumps

Updated: Jan 15

People with diabetes must work to ensure that their blood glucose levels remain within a safe range, which is easily offset by the foods they eat. Insulin is the primary medication used to control blood sugar in diabetics, but the constant injections become a bother after a while. Fortunately, you can also supply insulin to the body with an insulin pump, which injects a stream of insulin at a controlled rate and provides multiple benefits.

Fewer Injection-Related Issues

You don’t have to take as many injections when using an insulin pump. When you have an insulin pen or a vile, you’ll need pen needles and syringes to dose for meals and snacks. Each shot has a chance of causing inflammation from torn scar tissue at the injection site, and there will always be an ounce of pain, even if you are used to the needle.

If you have diabetes, you can benefit from using an insulin pump because you only need to inject the needle for the catheter once. The maintenance for an infusion pump is easy as you only need to change the catheter every few days, so you won’t need to worry about constant injections.

A Good Replacement for Fast-Acting Insulin

People with diabetes know that most insulin injections come from fast-acting insulin. You must dose for most snacks and meals and take correction doses when your blood sugar is high. One of the benefits of an insulin pump is the constant flow of insulin into your system. The pump will release small insulin doses daily and give larger doses during meals.

The bolus for meals is programmable. The insulin pump mimics the functioning of the pancreas and produces insulin continuously between meals. It takes the place of fast-acting insulin shots to control blood sugar.

Dosing for Food Is Easier

It’s important to dose for the food you have eaten. An insulin pump is an easy way to ensure you take all of your insulin shots. You won’t need to worry about wasting time between eating and dosing because the pump is right next to you, ready to dose for you. Calculating carbs will always be a necessity, but the dosage you need to take after won’t be as much of a hassle, thanks to the insulin pump.

The use of an insulin pump is helpful for diabetics. This device’s benefits will help manage diabetes and make life easier.

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