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Fun Ways To Exercise With Your Dog This Summer

Updated: Jan 15

If you’re in need of ways to switch up your exercise this summer, why not incorporate your dog into your workouts? We’ve got some fun ways to exercise with your dog this summer. They’re sure to get you excited about working out!

Cardio Circuit

Cardio circuits are an excellent way to spice up your daily dog walks. If you’re unfamiliar, these exercises combine strength training and cardio, such as running, speed walking, or jumping jacks.

Jog for two minutes, and then engage in squats for 30 seconds. Give your dog a head scratch at each squat to ensure they’re in on that part of the exercise.

Enjoy a Refreshing Swim

Most dogs love a cooling dip in the water during the hot summers, as do most humans. It’s a fantastic way to get all bodies moving without dealing with the scorching sun. Find a nearby dog-friendly beach or pool and enjoy a refreshing dip.

You don’t need to swim laps. Treading water is an effective exercise for both you and your pup. Plus, it’s easier on all bodies, furry or not, than running.

Hit the Trails

Need an exciting leg day exercise that also tests your endurance? Grab your dog, a few snacks, proper hydration, and hit a local hiking trail! You can choose a more intense path with many inclines or pick a relatively flat area. It depends on your hiking knowledge and what intensity you’d like to endure.

Doggy Yoga

Doggy Yoga, or doga, helps calm you and your furry friend while strengthening muscles. There are plenty of dog-friendly yoga poses that your pup will love during a doga session. Which pose will be your favorite?

You can find a local class near you or explore the videos available on the internet. You may discover your dog has a hidden doggy yoga talent!

Exercise is an excellent way to ensure your dog is receiving adequate sleep. Try any of the above fun ways to switch up your regular exercise routine with your dog this summer. They’re fantastic for bonding and getting your bodies moving.

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