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Essential Medical Equipment Every Hospital Needs

Updated: Jan 16

Hospitals have a vast array of different departments. Each of these departments requires specific types of equipment to get their jobs done effectively. From the emergency room to radiology to labor and delivery, each department has highly specialized tools that other departments may not utilize. There are also less specialized pieces of equipment that get put to use in every room of the hospital, no matter what the department.

Regardless of the level of specialty, each tool in the hospital is there for a reason and gives staff the ability to perform their job to the highest standard. Here is a list of essential medical equipment every hospital needs to serve its patients best.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Nurses and hospital staff are constantly checking the vital signs of patients. Taking vital signs requires the proper devices. One of these devices is a blood pressure monitor. This piece of equipment monitors and keeps track of a patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels during their stay in the hospital.

Blood Pressure Cuffs

Blood pressure monitors need to be attached to a blood pressure cuff to read a patient’s vitals. Hospitals must keep all different sizes on hand. You need a much smaller cuff to put on a child, and you need a larger cuff for an adult. It’s necessary to have a supply of each size to accommodate every patient.


A defibrillator is a remarkable piece of equipment that uses an electrical current applied by pads to the chest to control heart fibrillation. Essentially this machine helps correct a patient’s heartbeat in an emergency situation. A common scenario where you might need a defibrillator is after a heart attack.

EKG Machines

Another essential machine used in hospitals is an EKG Machine. EKG stands for electrocardiogram. These machines record electrical activity in the heart and allow medical professionals to monitor heart rhythms. EKG machines can identify problems and abnormalities in an individual’s heart.


Transporting patients around the hospital wouldn’t be possible without using a stretcher. Many injured patients do not have the mobility to get to another location in the hospital by themselves. Stretchers allow hospital staff to move patients from room to room with ease.

Hospital Gowns

Standard hospital gowns are a staple when it comes to medical supplies. Patients wear these gowns during their hospital stay to make it easier for doctors and nurses to access the part of the body receiving treatment. These gowns are especially helpful during surgical procedures.

Gloves and Face Masks

Safety precautions are necessary for hospitals to reduce the risk and spread of viruses, infections, and diseases. Gloves and face masks are crucial to wear when working in a medical environment. Doctors and nurses use gloves and masks to protect themselves and patients from bacteria and infections they could encounter during their work.

Now that you’ve read a brief overview of essential medical equipment every hospital needs check out American Hospital Supply for all the medical supplies you may need. They carry everything from protective gear to professional diagnostic equipment and operating room supplies.

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