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Best Mindfulness Tricks and Practices to Help Reduce Anxiety

Updated: Jan 16

Life can be a challenge because of the different responsibilities that we need to deal with every day. Aside from the things you need to do whenever you are at work, you also have to deal with personal issues. This is what it means to live every day as an adult or as someone who has obligations. This is also one of the reasons why people experience the stress of anxiety. Though other things may cause this, it is usually caused by the challenges we face every day.

Mindfulness is one of the concepts that were introduced to help lessen stress and anxiety. This is not a new practice. It has always been proven effective in reducing these negative feelings. If you have been feeling anxious these past few days, here are some mindfulness tricks and practices that you can consider:

Go for a Walk

There is nothing better than feeling the wind in your face when you are feeling anxious. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, you should take a break and go for a walk. You can do this in a park or anywhere near your place. Walking does not only allow you to appreciate the things you see around. More importantly, it can help you calm down your system. This is also one of the most straightforward exercises that you can do. So whenever you feel like you are already starting to be anxious, wear your walking shoes and go for a walk.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

One of the reasons people get overwhelmed is the load of work and pressure in front of them. If you want to lessen the negative energy infused by your job, you have to do it strategically. Focus on one thing at a time. Do not stress yourself by putting on the table all the things you are supposed to accomplish that day. Before you start working, you can assign one task after the other. Having a list of all the things you need to do can help you sort things. You will realize that it is easier to accomplish something when you do it one at a time.

Color or Doodle

There is a unique role that art plays in terms of combatting stress and anxiety. The simple act of coloring and doodling will not just boost your creativity. It is also the best way on how you can clear your mind. This is a relaxing activity that will help you recenter your focus on what is essential. Not only does it provide relief from anxiety, but it also makes you feel happier.

Pause and Take a Moment

There is a particular reason why silence is one of the things that are needed whenever you want to become more mindful. Pausing and taking a moment to breathe or just relax can prepare you for what will come. This is one of the most important ways and yet the simplest. When you feel like your head is spinning because of stress and you start to feel anxious, go to a quiet place, pause and just rest your mind. This way, you will be able to recenter your focus, and you will gain more strength to go on with what you are doing.

Connect with Your Breath

This technique is one thing that is being taught to people who practice yoga and those who meditate. mentioned the importance of being mindful of your breathing pattern when you are stressed or overwhelmed. It can help you relax, and it can cool down your system when you feel anxious. You can do this by closing your eyes and emptying your mind. Be in a comfortable position and breathe. Now listen to your breathing and just put your mind to it. Afterward, you will feel better.

Leave Your Phone Behind

The social media and the other applications you will find on your phone are sometimes the cause of chaos in your mind. There is a lot of information, and the mind can only take so much. If you intend to rest, you can leave your phone on the table before going to bed. When you are trying to meditate or even when you are trying to concentrate, leave your phone behind. This is the secret to better relaxation.

Set an Intention

What is your goal in doing the things that you do? This is one of the factors that will help you reestablish the purpose of your action. If you know your intention for what you will be doing for the day, it would be easier for you not to get anxious. This is one of the basics of mindfulness. Being able to identify your goals will also allow you to determine which actions should be done first.

Do a Guided Meditation or Mindfulness Practice

A guided meditation will help you free your mind from unnecessary worries. It is one of the mindfulness practices that works every time you are feeling stressed. So instead of sulking in the corner because you do not feel like yourself today, the best thing to do is to engage in meditation. Days can be stressful, but they can also be manageable with mindfulness.

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