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5 Effective Natural Remedies To Sleep Better

Updated: Jan 16

The most vital part of any sleep cycle is deep sleep—a time when there is less dreaming and more rest. From your immune system to your cognitive abilities, every aspect of a healthy functioning body gets a daily dose of recharge when you sleep properly. No wonder a night of impaired sleep can leave a person less productive and restless throughout the day. Continued poor sleep cycles can rob your vitality, taking a heavy toll on your heart and brain function.

While there may be many factors that may hinder one from sleeping correctly, disrupted sleep cycles are often associated with stress and anxiety, as one may variably lead to another. It is essential to eradicate all interruptions in and around your sleep hours. Using a natural remedy to enhance your sleep may also be apt.

Most of these remedies are easy to follow, but they have a lot of potential to imbibe a restful feeling after a long day. Here are our top natural remedies that can give you a good night’s sleep.

1. Food with high melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced in our body that aids sleep. Our natural levels rise high at night to give us quality sleep. When the melatonin levels are low, one may feel restlessness and difficulty sleeping. People who work odd shift timings might face this issue.

However, you can easily supply your diet with food rich in melatonin. Items like fish, eggs, and nuts can enhance your natural melatonin levels by increasing its concentration in your body serum in the best natural way possible. Melatonin also boosts your body's other bioactivities, such as neuroprotective anti-inflammatory activities, which sometimes relax nerves to promote relaxed sleep patterns.

2. Chamomile Infusion

Often used in aromatherapy, the sweet scent of chamomile essential oil can travel through our olfactory pathways and induce sleep. A massage with chamomile oil is a holistic way to fight insomnia, as it relaxes the mind and shows some natural sedative properties. Chamomile flowers are a natural source of antioxidants. Therefore, you may find them in many herbal tea variants. Arginine, a naturally occurring antioxidant in chamomile, can bind with specific brain receptors and may help cure insomnia. Camomile tea can work as a natural muscle relaxant. Thus, a cup of this tea before bed can help you sleep better.

3. Cannabis

This herb works in a natural way to restore your natural sleep cycle. THC, a compound present in cannabis, can help induce sleep in adults. It also imparts a rested sleep cycle with fewer dreams. Thus, it can be beneficial for people who have PTSD and nightmares related to it. CBD, a compound in cannabis, can help relieve stress and thus can help with better sleep. One can grow high-quality organic cannabis in the home with lab-tested do si dos strains that can yield year after year. You may take advice from a physician regarding the dosage and quantity of ingestion.

4. Valerian root

The root of the valerian plant and its underground branches have long been used to aid sleep and help with anxiety, depression, and menopausal issues. Recent studies have also found it to be effective in improving sleep quality. Adults may safely use Valerian, bur minors may show some dizziness with it. Also, experts suggest using it for short-term durations. You can make a tea or an herbal beverage from Valerian powder that you may find easily online.

5. Magnesium-rich Vegetable juice

Magnesium is a mineral that is essential for many body activities and brain functions. We already know how melatonin plays a vital role in maintaining sleep-wake cycles. Magnesium, on the other hand, helps regulate melatonin in our system. Hence, depleted magnesium levels can lead to poor sleeping patterns. Magnesium also increases the GABA in our bodies. GABA is the neurotransmitter in our brains that brings forth a calming effect. It is essential to supplement the body with an adequate amount of magnesium. You can go for green leafy vegetables rich in magnesium, such as kale, chard, and baby spinach. A juice or a concoction of the above can easily fill your everyday magnesium requirements.

The bottom line

Restful periods of sleep recover muscles and brain, leading one to a healthy lifestyle. Sleep, hydration, and food are three variables that work in synchronicity for a person to live a balanced life. While we pay plenty of attention to our food, missing out on a good night's sleep can be terrible.

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