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3 Ways to Get Rid of Insomnia

Updated: Jan 16

There's a big difference between how much you sleep and how much you need to sleep. The National Health Institute says the average sleep duration for an adult should vary from seven to nine hours.

In today’s fast-paced world, having a good night’s sleep is still a dream for many. A sleepless night of tossing and turning will feel like a lifetime. Many people are experiencing different kinds of sleep disorders, where people face issues while sleeping. The right sleeping habits can go a long way to help you get a good quality sleep. Studies show that. So here are three surprising ways to fight and get rid of insomnia.

1. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, based on the use of various plant-derived essential oils, has been used for many centuries to treat insomnia. CBD oil is a trendy choice for relaxation and sleep aromatherapy and can improve the time and quality of sleep. You can try Cbdfx gummies for better aroma.

The following ideas can be helpful to incorporate aromatherapy for better sleep:

  1. Try taking a warm bath before going to bed. Add CBD oil to the bathwater. This will distribute the essence throughout the body and make you feel relaxed.

  2. You can add CBD oil or CBD leaves to the bedroom humidifier. This will create a mild aroma in the room.

  3. You can tuck in CBD oil-soaked cotton balls or CBD leaves under your pillowcase.

2. Meditation

For people looking for an all-natural, drug-free way to treat insomnia, meditation is a great tool. Meditation is a deep relaxation technique that increases sleep time, improves sleep quality, and makes sleeping more comfortable. Meditation not only can boost sleep consistency, but it can also help to reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.

Start by looking for a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes, and take a long deep breath. Concentrate on breathing while you inhale and exhale.

3. Music

Music is more fun than listening. This directly affects the autonomic nervous system, helping to calm the mind and soul before sleep. Music works greatly on adults who listen to calming music for 30 to 45 minutes before bedtime for a peaceful and deep sleep than those who don’t have the habit of listening to music. Music is therapy to lower your blood pressure and heart rate. It relaxes your muscles and makes you fall asleep sooner. Music is more than a treatment, and you can try incorporating music into your routine. It can bring positive changes over time.


Try sleeping each night concurrently, and wake up every morning at the same time. Do not take naps during the day, because at night, they can make you less sleepy. Avoid using phones before bedtime. The light may disturb your sleep. Healthy sleeping habits and sleep hygiene can help you overcome insomnia.

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