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Reasons Your Anxiety Is Higher Than Usual

Updated: Jan 16

It’s funny how anxiety can suddenly knock at our door, and for the life of us, we can’t find a reason why it’s happening. But in reality, there is usually always an underlying cause for why we feel worried, paranoid, or anxious. Having a reason as to why your anxiety has elevated can provide some peace of mind. Learn more about the possible reasons your anxiety is higher than usual.

Life Changes

Something may have occurred in your life recently that you wouldn’t give a second thought for being the cause of your heightened anxiety levels. For example, say you have recently moved and are all settled; this could be your reason. Moving is one of the most stressful life events, soaring above dramatic experiences like divorce and break-up. While you may feel as though you’ve entirely adjusted mentally, your body is still getting used to these changes.

Old Routine

Anxiety disorders can have several effects on your body, and you might notice these feelings on specific days of the week. Many former students who have since graduated can speak to this. Perhaps you had an assignment due every Wednesday evening. You may still feel anxious on those days, even if it’s been years since you had something to turn in. A now-defunct, old routine that your body still remembers might be one of the reasons your anxiety is higher than usual.


If you have been trading sleep for caffeine, you are likely consuming more than your body can comfortably handle. Even the most passionate coffee connoisseurs can find themselves over-caffeinated, and, as a result, you might notice a spike in stress and anxiety. Keep in mind that various sodas and tea also contain caffeine, so check the caffeine content of your drinks to ensure you aren’t ingesting too much.

You might consider laying off the caffeine entirely for a couple of days or at least until your anxiety lessens. If the idea of a non-caffeinated life is too much to bear, opt for beverages than have lower caffeine content, like green tea.

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