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How To Support a Loved One Who Has Cancer

Updated: Jan 15

When someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, your whole world turns upside down. But it’s essential to remain present and show up for your loved one through this difficult time. Here’s how to support a loved one who has cancer.

Learn About Their Diagnosis

The first way you can support your loved one who has cancer is by learning about their diagnosis. There are several different types of cancer and various stages of each kind. Therefore, it’s crucial to educate yourself on your loved one’s specific diagnosis so that you can be aware of what lies ahead. It’s also helpful to understand their treatment plan and what they will need to do during and after their treatments to remain as healthy as possible. Knowing what steps to take after a loved one’s terminal diagnosis will help you to be there for them throughout the process.

Offer Your Assistance

Offering your assistance is another way to show up for someone with cancer. Depending on the type and stage of cancer your loved one has, they may experience decreased mobility, fatigue, and difficulty completing daily activities. Therefore, they may need your help with certain things like chores around the house, preparing meals, getting out and about, etc. Some people have a tendency to resist help, so try not to force it upon them. Instead, kindly and gently offer your assistance when necessary and help them with whatever they will allow.

Go With Them to Appointments

The third tip for being there for your loved one when they have cancer is by going with them to appointments. The most common types of cancer treatments are chemotherapy and radiation. Both of these methods have a long list of side effects such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, appetite loss, trouble concentrating, etc. Not to mention the fear, stress, and anxiety of going to these visits. Therefore, it’s a good idea to go with your loved one to their appointments and treatments. They feel supported and can have the extra assistance they need.

Now that you have a few tips for supporting someone who has cancer, you can use these ideas to show up for your loved one today. Try to stay as positive as you can throughout this challenging time and be there for your loved one so that they have a strong support system.

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