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How To Overcome the Fear of Falling Down

Updated: Jan 15

As human beings, it’s fairly common that we have an irrational fear about something. Even a mastodon of a man like the professional wrestler, The Undertaker, flipped his gourd when he encountered cucumbers. While cucumbers ruined his life, the fear of falling might be ruining yours. Take these steps to overcome the fear of falling down.

Let Others Know

If you’ve fallen, try not to linger on it, even if you’re understandably concerned after it immediately happens. Discussing your concerns with someone else might make your challenges more attainable. Acknowledging a problem may be the first step in getting the treatment you need and regaining control of your life.

Just Keep Moving

If you haven’t exercised in a long time, you may be worried about falling or injuring yourself, but try not to let this deter you.

Regular physical exercise may help you retain healthy bones, increase flexibility, and become more stable on your feet. It will also prepare your body if you fall, as your instincts will kick in to cushion the blow.

Additionally, being active will boost your mood and mental well-being, causing you to forget you have the fear in the first place.

Don’t Dwell on the Negative

Instead of clouding your mind with negative thoughts, try to focus on a positive mentality. Anxious thinking might make it difficult to overcome fear. Learning to counteract them with a more balanced mindset will alleviate nervousness. It takes practice to rewire your brain to look at the positives, but with some simple techniques, you’ll become a glass-half-full person.

Relaxation Methods

Relaxation strategies may help quiet your thoughts and lessen the physical tension caused by worry. You may employ a range of tactics, including breathing and visualization. Other exercises help you relax your body. To get the most benefits from relaxing, it must become a habit.

We can’t always get rid of what makes us apprehensive entirely, but we can acquire certain skills to manage it.

Do What You Love

Finally, doing what you love and accepting the fact you might fall again could make you realize it’s not worth the stress anymore. Whether doing a sick trick on a longboard or taking a stroll up a steep hill, the more you accept it, the easier it is to get over it. Overthinking can keep us from enjoying many things, so don’t let it ruin what you love to do.

Knowing how to overcome the fear of falling down takes time and practice. It may be a while before you feel at ease with yourself. Once you feel comfortable, you might take that same energy and conquer another fear you’ve been struggling with.

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