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How To Make Life With Arthritis More Comfortable

Updated: Jan 15

If you suffer from arthritis of any kind, you know how it can often derail your plans. Some days may be better than others, and on days when the pain gets you down, performing even the smallest tasks can feel impossible.

However, you do have the power to make your life with arthritis more comfortable. Read on to learn about ways to increase your quality of life while managing your illness.

Use Delivery Services

On days when leaving the house feels like a monumental expedition, have somebody else do your grocery shopping for you. Many supermarkets, specialty shops, and even farmer’s markets offer home delivery services for folks with limited mobility. Don’t force yourself to go out shopping on bad pain days—the pain and inflammation aren’t worth it.

Try Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a fancy word for stretching and exercising in a pool. Submersion in water helps support achy joints, so exercise may be much more comfortable for you in an aquatic environment. Sign up for a water aerobics class to stay active without placing undue strain on your body.

Invest in Adaptive Aids

There are many adaptive devices and aids on the market designed for people with mobility concerns. If certain everyday activities exacerbate your pain, make that activity as easy as possible.

Do your knees cry out in pain every time you sit and stand? Try installing a toilet seat riser to make using the bathroom more comfortable. Does it hurt your hands to grip the handle of your coffee mug? Place a soft foam grip around it to reduce that pain.

Move Around Often

While the pain of arthritis may make you want to sit still and do nothing, regular movement is crucial to managing arthritis in the long term. Get your body moving at least once a day! Your movement can be as low-stress as a walk around the block or as invigorating as a swim in the pool—anything to keep you from total inertia.

If you live with arthritis and want to be more comfortable in the long term, find ways to stay moving without exacerbating your pain. Install adaptive aids around your home to make everyday activities as low-stress as possible, and on bad pain days, don’t stretch yourself too far. You can live a full and interesting life while managing your arthritis!

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