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Helpful Recovery Practices Injured Athletes Need To Try

Updated: Jan 15

Your athletic instinct is to move and push yourself even when things are challenging. After enduring an injury, you must limit your movements. Recovery is a process; you will work to adjust your regular habits to your new normal. If you’re in this situation, continue reading about helpful recovery practices injured athletes need to try.

Healthy Habits

One of the best recovery methods is practicing healthy habits that aren’t direct physical exercises.

Proper Diet

When you can’t exercise regularly, the best way you can help your body stay strong and healthy is with a proper diet. Drink plenty of water and keep filling your body with the right nutritious foods: proteins, vegetables, fruits, and carbs.


You’re accustomed to exercising and moving constantly. After facing an injury, this is the time you need rest. Try to limit movement in your injured body part to give it the proper time to recover until it’s ready.

Keep a positive mindset and give yourself time. Your physical health is very important, but so is your mental health. Do what you can to make this recovery period enjoyable and helpful to your body.


Hydrotherapy is an excellent recovery method after an injury. It’s a low-impact, water-based exercise that helps an injured athlete safely conduct activities without the weight and strain of everyday exercises. The water forces you to exert more energy to move, but it also relieves pressure and impact. Hydrotherapy is an effective way to strengthen your muscles without risking further injury.

Red Light Therapy

If you’ve never heard of it before, red light therapy can greatly help athletic performance and assist you on your road to recovery. It’s used to reduce inflammation and repair tissue damage. This extra assistance to heal after an injury is an effective way to start the next part of your recovery process.

Physical Therapy

Getting active is a great way to start your journey to recovery. Taking things slow and being cautious about your movements are essential for physical therapy. Your physical therapist knows which exercises will suit your recovery needs the best! It’s all about building back your strength and mobility. Follow your therapist’s guidelines closely.

There are many helpful recovery practices injured athletes need to try that can change the course of their rehabilitation. With these helpful tips, you’ll be ready for game day before you know it.

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