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What’s the Purpose of Yearly Dental X-Rays?

June 1st, 2023 12:00am

What’s the Purpose of Yearly Dental X-Rays?

Teeth are unlike other bones in the body. They come into direct contact with air, food, and beverages daily. Without care, your teeth can endure immense pain and make your day-to-day incredibly troublesome.

That’s where dentists come in; they help you care for your teeth. After attending regular checkups over the years, you might be curious as to why dentists perform X-rays. Discover the purpose of yearly dental x-rays and ensure you don’t skip your next checkup!

X-Rays Detect Various Complications and Conditions

The pain is obvious when you have a broken bone or a fracture—as is the pain that comes from a cavity, infection, or cracked tooth. However, it feels much different.

After drinking a super cold beverage or eating sugary treats, it’s easy to know when you have a dental issue. However, X-rays allow dentists to get to the root of the problem. Post-examination, dentists can determine how to help your teeth before the problem worsens.

Dental X-rays can detect cavities, gum diseases, abscesses, bone loss, and shifting teeth. Allowing any of these conditions to deteriorate over time can cause immense pain and catastrophic damage to one’s mouth.

X-Rays Determine if You Need Implants, Dentures, Braces, or Wisdom Teeth Removal

As previously stated, X-ray results can help dentists determine their next steps for your care. Implants or dentures are a helpful solution for those who have missing teeth or trouble chewing.

Others might have teeth growing in the wrong position or vast gaps where teeth should be. Therefore, a dentist might recommend braces so the teeth grow and sit in the mouth properly.

X-rays are also helpful for detecting wisdom teeth. A dentist or oral surgeon will remove your wisdom teeth when the mouth doesn’t have enough available space for them to grow. This procedure eliminates the pain, swelling, and misaligned teeth they cause.

X-Rays Help Dentists Provide the Best Care for Your Teeth

Dentists can take action to resolve your teeth issues when they can see the root of the problem. Dentists are here to proactively identify complications to ensure your mouth looks and feels great, whether they must fill a cavity, add an implant, or help you heal an infection.

Don’t Miss Your Next Checkup!

Finding the right family dentist is the best way to guarantee quality care of your loved ones’ teeth. The purpose of yearly dental x-rays is for dentists to search for any issues after hygienists floss and deep-clean your teeth, revealing your pearly whites.

Biannual checkups and annual x-ray exams ensure everyone’s smiles are in wonderful condition!

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