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Congratulations on your decision to Get Fit For Life with UltraFit – The Exclusive Fat Burning and Life Changing Program. I’ve selected the most effective combination of nutrients that will maximize your results.

This is more than just a diet plan, though. Certainly, the fat you lose will propel you to a new sense of confidence and control. But even more importantly, what you will learn about yourself will help you balance body, mind, and spirit on your way to total wellness and personal empowerment.

What you will get:

Weight Loss Services

  • Expect to lose 15 – 25 lbs
  • EXCLUSIVE, Hormone-Free Fat Loss System
  • Scientifically Formulated Nutritional Supplements
  • Clinical Proven, All-Natural, Supplement to Curb Appetite
  • Daily Contact with certified Ultra Fit counselor
  • Personal Journal

And more...

  • Digital Copy of Dr. Glassman’s Award Winning and Amazon Category Bestseller Brain Drain

How Ultra Fit Differs From Competitive Plans:

  • No extra costs for non-clinically proven, questionable testing
  • No hormonal ingredients in any of our products
  • MD formulated 


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