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For most doctors, the body is the focus and origin of all problems. But, your overall health and well-being depends on how balanced you are in mind, body, and spirit. By bridging the gap of what is going on in your head and in your body, Coach MD delivers a transformational and authentic brand of health care. He helps you move beyond blocks and fear and reestablish faith so that you can manage the challenges of everyday life and live your everyday extraordinary!

It is likely that if you seek out a doctor, it is for physical symptoms and you probably don't expect the doctor to consider anything else. For Dr. Glassman, Coach MD, this is impossible. Why? Because, he deeply understands the emotional aspect of health and how much your life experience impacts your ability to achieve wellness. These are his target areas for healing, so you can get your life back and begin to live your everyday extraordinary.

As Coach MD, Dr. Glassman sees the vital importance of empowering you to take control of your life. Being there for you, means giving you the tools to help you understand the dynamics of what he calls the automatic brain. His complete understanding of the mind-body connection empowers you to move beyond your comfort zone so you can know optimal health and live your everyday extraordinary!

With Dr. Glassman, Coach MD you will have an open, non-judgmental dialogue with your doctor, especially when you prefer less conventional approaches to common medical problems. Dr. Glassman is very knowledgeable in vitamins and other supplements as well as alternative methods of health care. He will advise and coach you, as well as do research with you so you can decide what is best for you. Dr. Glassman is a doctor who listens and through his genuine and personal approach will help you to live your everyday extraordinary!

Health care is much more than writing prescriptions or giving vaccines. Dr. Glassman, Coach MD knows this and is able to connect with people from all generations teaching them methods of personal empowerment.

With any medical illness, such as Breast Cancer, it is easy for someone to feel alone and alienated. Through the toughest times, Dr. Glassman, connects on an emotional level. Utilizing his ability to connect with mind, body, and soul he is able to help you figure out things from your childhood that you might not even understand play a role in your health, or illness, today. His humility and lack of ego, allows Dr. Glassman to help you on the deepest levels so you can live your everyday extraordinary!



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