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Why Dancing at Home Is a Great Workout for Your Entire Body

Updated: Jan 16

Getting into a workout routine improves your overall health. However, the monotony of identical workouts can become a bit taxing. Now, you can learn why dancing at home is a great workout for your entire body. Incorporating dancing into your activities, especially within the comfort of your own home, is a fantastic way to stay on track and improve your mind and physique.

Complete Aerobic & Anaerobic Exercise

Typically, people separate workouts that are aerobic and anaerobic. However, when it comes to dancing, you can fit both activities into each routine. Actions like jumping and twirling around fit the bill for your aerobic exercise, while balancing in position helps you work toward your anaerobic goals.

Lastly, you can spice up your workout by trying several types of routines. Whether it’s a fast-paced hip-hop sequence or a slower, mellower program, each dance will include aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Strengthens Your Upper & Lower Body

If you don’t enjoy lifting weights but are looking to develop some strength, dancing will enhance your upper and lower body muscles. Considering that dancing is aerobic and anaerobic, you will build muscle throughout your body from movements like leaping and squatting.

Improves Your Heart Health

Your heart rate is a great indicator of how healthy you are, and dancing will significantly improve your heart strength. And with a healthier heart, you can get better control over your blood sugar and cholesterol numbers, reducing the chances of a severe cardiovascular episode.

Burns Calories

Due to the aerobic nature of dance, you will burn plenty of calories while feeling the happiness it brings you. Thirty minutes of dance can burn upward of 400 calories, which is more than most cardio machines will provide you. Plus, it’s a lot more fun to do something you love instead of something that feels like a chore.

Increases Flexibility

Dancing can be a terrific way to stretch your body in ways other exercises cannot. Being agile and flexible is vital for your health because it will reduce the chances of injuries like strains and tears. Additionally, improving your limberness will help your muscles heal more quickly after a workout, relieving your body from nagging joint pain that may linger from past injuries.

While all these are reasons why dancing at home is a great workout for your whole body, it also helps your mental health because it raises those happy endorphins. Finally, learning patterns and complicated routines boosts your memory. Thus, next time you want to mix up your workout, put a dance routine on your television and get moving!

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