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Different Ways to Help Women Who've Been Abused

Updated: Jan 15

Abuse is an ugly thing that many people shrug off or avoid talking about. Abuse victims often give up hope and feel there is no way out. This doesn’t have to be the end of the battle if they have a robust support system of friends and family who know what is going on. Here are different ways to help women who’ve been abused.

Set Up Time to Talk

Sometimes all a person needs is an outlet. Someone who can lend an ear and listen to their story. You could be the first person or the 10th person they speak to about it. Maybe people didn’t care as much when they attempted to express themselves before, so they open up to you. Whatever the case, ensure you’re allowing them a space to talk.

Let Her Know Your Concern

Make sure you’re allowing her space to breathe and openly voice concerns. If she needs to get out her problems and tell the whole story, make sure you take notes and write down anything that might stick out to you as necessary. This will help once she is done reviewing and maybe even shed some light on her situation that she didn’t see before.

Always Be Supportive

Always be supportive, no matter what she says. We cannot claim to know what a person’s life is like, and we should never assume. You should always be there for someone when they need you the most because you would want someone to be there for you if you were ever in a hard place. You might even come up with a care package made for women to help with her current situation.

Don’t Shame, Blame, or Guilt

This can be taken to mean several things, but what we intend to say is that you should never put the blame or shame on someone for their current situation. Because we aren’t therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists, we should never try to take their place or assume to know more than we do. You must hold all your beliefs or opinions to yourself if you want to be of any help to someone in need like this. Otherwise, you should refer that they talk to someone else about the issue.

If you need information on different ways to help women who have been abused, then this is the article for you. Feel free to use this information to gain clarity on the matter and help you through it with them.

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