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Different Ways Injuries Can Impact a Person's Emotions

Updated: Jan 17

Extreme injuries have a considerable physical influence on a person, but many people don’t realize how the pain and limitations of an injury affect them emotionally. For example, burn victims go through many levels of psychological problems following their accidents, most of which they didn’t have until after the incident. Almost all forms of catastrophic injuries have some level of emotional fallout. Today, we’ll focus on the different ways injuries impact a person’s emotions.


Even though it’s not the most common emotion to come up after an accident, it is the most apparent. Some people get irrationally angry at themselves or those around them during the recovery period. Pain causes them to lash out and have a short temper when they otherwise wouldn’t have.

This can cause other problems, such as a lack of sleep and increased feelings of irritation. The person might hurt themselves even more by punching something to let out some of their frustration. Regardless of what level of anger a person expresses after an accident, they should seek help before the situation reaches that level.


Sadness is a much more common emotion after an accident. The injured person usually feels regret for their decisions leading up to the incident in question. They can also feel isolated from their friends and family, even those who only want to support them. If the sadness lasts for long enough, it can turn into full-blown depression.

Once the injured person is at this point, they might begin displaying changes in appetite and spend much of the day sleeping or crying. Like with anger, therapy would be beneficial in overcoming this issue, but certain medications can also help. However, one should consult a doctor before exploring that route.


One of the last ways injuries impact a person’s emotions is by making them feel apathetic. While this typically follows depression since it is closely related to sadness, a person who sustains a very severe injury might start experiencing this right away.

Apathetic people will no longer feel excitement for things that used to interest them. They will lack the motivation to do anything and be highly disengaged on the few instances that they do partake in activities. This is a deep rabbit hole to fall down, so loved ones must take steps right away to correct it if problems persist. As mentioned in the previous points, talking to a therapist is quite effective, but other support groups can also help individuals find their worth again.

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