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6 Reasons Your Setback Can Be a Setup for Success

Updated: Jan 16

Have you faced a career setback? Are you sick and tired of working in the corporate world – never getting recognition or enough money for the work you do? If so, the time may be right to start your own successful business.

How do you know whether or not you’ll be able to handle the steps involved in creating your own company? If you have these six characteristics, you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

1. You Hate Bosses

Every entrepreneur and business owner shares a common trait: They hate working for someone else. Working during specific hours without the ability to prioritize family, hobbies, and other commitments is not only frustrating but seemingly impossible. You’ve always wondered how other people are able to do it. You often daydream about being free from the corporate tether. In fact, you think about your future and realize you won’t feel fulfilled until you strike out on your own. If the thought of dying without ever having owned your own business scares you, you are an entrepreneur at heart.

2. You Have Creative Ideas

Throughout the course of your life, you’ve always had creative and innovative ideas. These ideas have propelled you forward in the workplace. However, it always seemed like someone else was getting the credit for your hard work. When you think about owning a business, you have hundreds of ideas. So many, in fact, that you feel compelled to write them down and think about them at length. This is another common characteristic of entrepreneurs. You can read more about creativity and entrepreneurship through Business News Daily.

3. You Are Organized

In order to run your own business, you must be an organized individual. Organization is a matter of financial success or failure in the business world – whether you like it or not. Most successful business owners and entrepreneurs have been organized from the start, keeping track of important files, folders, deadlines, and clients without needing a secretary.

4. You Enjoy Hard Work

Despite your hatred of working an hourly job, you truly enjoy hard work. The difference is simple. Whether you’re about to open your own pet bakery or become a fulltime tutor, you want to take part in hard work that you enjoy – work that excites you. You want to set your own hours and take control of your own future. More often than not, business owners and entrepreneurs that set their own hours work far more than overworked employees of large companies.

5. You Are Financially Stable

This characteristic can change over time. If you aren’t in a financially stable place, now isn’t the time to start a business for yourself. Instead, stay strong in the corporate world until you can save up enough money to get your company going. Keep your freedom as a constant goal, being strict about your finances and placing money aside at every opportunity.

6. You Are Professional

The final (and most important) characteristic necessary of an entrepreneur or business owner is being professional. If you aren’t able to stay calm in intense situations or handle unhappy clients, you probably won’t do well in your own company. You must be professional at all times, or your business could take a serious hit. Publicity is everything in 2017. To help you understand further, TechRepublic has an article that outlines ten traits that define a true professional.


If you believe you fit these characteristics, the time may be right for you to go into business for yourself. Stick closely to your traits. You’ll need organization, professionalism, and motivation to push through the startup process. From there, your business will be ready for years of ongoing success.

Author: Larry Mager,

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