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6 Powerful Ways to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Updated: Jan 16

Stress is a common conversation topic, especially today, when it accompanies us almost in every activity. The desire to achieve our goals often comes with a certain amount of skepticism that creates uncomfortable and impatient feelings. Stress, as one of those feelings, directly affects our body and mind. It affects our energy, causing anxiety, frustration, gloom, and sometimes even depression. Stress is often spoken about, but what does it actually mean?

There are many ways of defining stress, including three definitions of Dr. Gillian Butler in his article “Definition of stress.” “ In his first definition, he says that stress results from pressure. The greater the pressure, the more likely the person will suffer from stress. In his first definition of this common problem, Dr. Butler clearly indicates that many external sources can cause unpleasant stress.

If we consider all life situations, expectations, or desires that require confrontation, then stress can be defined as an imbalance between the ability to confront on one side and life situations on the other. However, it is also important to understand that happy and positive events can cause stress. According to Phycology Today, we can also feel stress after positive experiences that can significantly change our lives.

Whichever definition you would prefer to describe stress, it is most likely associated with negative feelings. We all feel stressed at some point, but it can lead to worse forms of unease as anxiety, if we experience stress daily.

The reason for our suffering is most often our thoughts. Very often, we focus on pessimistic thinking to avoid disappointment and stress. However, positive thinking and affirmation can help you gain greater self-esteem and make you feel happier and more comfortable. There are several simple tactics that you can stimulate a sense of happiness and self-respect. With their daily implementation in your life, you will soon feel the benefits and fulfill your soul.

1. Be a good person who deserves happiness, health, and peace

If we want to change our lives to attract peace and prosperity, we must first start changing ourselves. Good deeds attract positive changes in your life. Internal peace can only be achieved if you feed it with things that will make you happy.

Take care of your health and eat properly. Many foods, like sugar or coffee, can make you anxious and nervous. Your body is your temple. By taking proper care by choosing healthy food, your physical health will improve, you will gain quality sleep; thus, the level of stress will decrease.

2. Choose to react positively to the situation

To stay positive under different circumstances can be truly challenging. Many people face different problems every day, for which they cannot stop negative thoughts. However, you can learn how to think positively and make an effective life turn.

If you see every problem from a negative perspective, then the problem becomes even more difficult. Though, if you change your thoughts and direct them towards optimism, it will be much easier to overcome stress and find inner peace.

The next time you find yourself in a position where stress prevails, precisely define your thoughts and tell yourself: “everything is going to be fine.”

3. Slow down breathing and relax your body

We tend to forget about proper breathing when we are under a lot of pressure. Numerous symptoms are associated with incorrect breathing, like dizziness, chest pain, muscle pain, etc. The autonomic nervous system responsible for automatic reactions can change the way we breathe under the influence of muscular tension and other stress reactions. These changes in our body can disturb the chemical balance that is a predisposition for good health.

On the other hand, normal breathing can reduce the number of heartbeats, lower blood pressure, reduce muscle pain, and slow your metabolism. Many apps can help you cope with this, such as Calm, Happify, or Jinglow.

4. Control your life and choose to feel peaceful

There are things we just enjoy. If you have a hobby that fills your soul and makes you happy, you should allow yourself to do what makes you cheerful. There is nothing more important to the world than your happiness.

Numerous studies say people feel more and energized and carefree when they devote themselves to the things they really want. It is essential to do everything that is in your power to feel that way. By making the right choices for happiness, stress will become your minor problem.

5. Write

Writing reduces stress, affects mental and psychic health, and puts you in a better mood. According to Dr. Timothy D. Wilson, a psychology professor from the University of Virginia, this writing type can lead people to victorious thinking within the optimistic cycle that will only intensify.

Other research suggests that writing can lead to a faster physical recovery when people document what they have experienced. Put your feelings on paper; it's a quick, simple, and cheap way to get rid of all the negative feelings from your system.

6. Communication with nature

Communicating with nature has great benefits that positively affect our physical and mental health. Being in the fresh air, in a park or a forest raises energy, adds vitality, and increases personal happiness. Intuitive connection with nature rests our spirit, changes our mood for the better, and acts as an anti-stress pill fighting against uneasy feelings.

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