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5 Ways To Take Care of Your Hips as a Cycler

Updated: Jan 16

Your hips play an integral role in your body’s ability to cycle efficiently and healthily. As a cycler, ensuring your hips perform at the best of their capabilities is crucial. To make sure they can keep up with the countless miles ahead, here are five ways to take care of your hips as a cycler.

Hip Stretches

Stretching before and after any cycle will prove to be beneficial in the short and long run. Before beginning, it’s crucial to engage in proper technique since the wrong method could harm you. Consider practicing yoga—this will help focus your mind on seeing stretching as its own exercise rather than something you finish as soon as possible. Stretching will help loosen the ligaments, muscles, and tendons in your body, increasing your mobility and decreasing the likelihood of injury.

Stay Hydrated

You may already know how important hydration is to your body’s overall health, but it’s also essential to your ability to cycle healthily and efficiently. Lack of hydration can result in decreased circulation, inefficient thermoregulation, heat exhaustion, and more. When you lack hydration, cramping is more likely to occur, especially during strenuous exercises like cycling. Think of hydration as a lubricant to your hip joints—more water, less cramping.

Proper Gear

Even a novice cycler knows the importance of having the proper gear. This is one of the easiest ways to take care of your hips as a cycler. When you have a bike saddle that fits comfortably, your body won’t be as tense, and you can enjoy your rides for miles.

Start Lifting

Cycling works your entire body. You’ll want to ensure it has the strength and endurance to take you to its highest potential. Weightlifting will increase your functioning and strength. However, remember that your strength training will differ from that of a powerlifter. Aim for longer reps and smaller weights.

Time To Rest

This may seem obvious, but when you lack proper rest, your body can’t perform as well as normal. When the sleepless nights rack on, your likelihood of injury increases. Remind yourself that it’s OK to miss a couple of cycles; at the end of the day, your safety is more important.

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