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5 Best Ways to Deal with Social Anxiety

Updated: Jan 16

Many people don’t give much thought to social anxiety though it’s a menace that affects many people. It’s more than being shy or an inability to express oneself. It can take control of one's life and change how far they will proceed in life.

Social anxiety makes simple and everyday tasks difficult. As a result, speaking in public, going to the mall, attending social gatherings like school, church, or a mosque is a big issue.

It’s a disorder that robs people of succeeding in life and like an invisible rope that keeps them from leaving their homes. Yet, to achieve success in life, it’s essential to break free of these shackles. In this article, we will explore five trusted and tested ways to deal with social anxiety.

1. Do Not Give in to Anxious Thoughts

There’s a common saying that you cannot stop a bird from flying, but you can prevent it from forming a nest or even laying eggs on your head. Anxious thoughts attack people with social anxiety in the same way. The thoughts come on full force, bombarding, and leaving you with a feeling of helplessness.

Yet, this is not true as the thoughts are all in your head. The approach is to recognize anxious thoughts and challenge them, rather than brooding on them. Many times, anxious thoughts are usually a response to a perceived threat, which is typically unreal.

You might have to do a presentation, and you start assuming the worst. Your mind keeps analyzing all possible ways things can go wrong. The best approach is to counter those thoughts with the facts. For instance, if you fear losing your voice while making the speech, tell yourself there is no proof this will happen.

2. Use CBD Products

You can also use medications for anxiety. A popular example is benzodiazepines. However, the problem with this is that they could be addictive, triggering another issue like substance abuse, as supported by research.

CBD is also one of the substances that can address anxiety and depression. The effect of CBD on anxiety links to how it interacts with the brain. When CBD gets in the body, it mediates with a neurotransmitter known as GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). GABA is a natural brain chemical that tells the neuron (the neuron responsible for triggering anxiety) to stop or keep working.

There are various CBD products like CBD oil, CBD edibles, and tinctures from the Lazarus Naturals CBD. As a result, this makes it possible to take CBD edibles when anxiety comes knocking. With these at your fingertips, you will be able to navigate anxiety as it will induce sleep; reduce the muscle, and reduce stress.

3. Avoid Focusing on Yourself

When people find themselves in an anxious situation, all their focus is on themselves. They think about how people will perceive them, which makes them assume the worst. When they ask questions, they feel that all eyes will be on them with people judging how they talk, how they look, etc.

A proven way to navigate this is to turn the focus off yourself. In other words, do not think about yourself or what people think of you. The fact is, anxiety is mainly in your head. People do not care that you are nervous. When you shift your focus, you can ignore all the blabbing in your head and have positive interactions with people.

4. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

The body and mind are linked together. The way you manage your health will determine many things, including your anxiety levels. Making small and healthy lifestyle changes will go a long way to keep your confidence level up and help reduce anxiety. Here are a series of lifestyle changes that can help reduce anxiety:

  1. Limit or completely stop taking caffeine. This includes coffee and all its forms.

  2. Reduce the amount of energy drink. It’s a stimulant that may fuel anxiety.

  3. Live an active lifestyle by exercising. It can be as easy as a 30-minute walk.

  4. Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

  5. According to research, try to get enough rest and sleep. Lack of it can make you extremely vulnerable to anxiety.

  6. Limit or completely stop drinking alcohol

  7. Maintain a healthy diet (Eat enough fruits as well).

The simple idea of taking care of yourself will provide positive changes, and it can go a long way to reduce anxiety.

5. Engage in Social Activities

The best way to overcome your fears is to face them. This means you need to be conscious and deliberate about overcoming your social anxiety. You need to look for a supportive environment for help.

It can be as simple as registering at the local gym. This will provide the perfect opportunity to meet people. This will allow you to practice social interaction before you get into the real world. There are also social skills training classes to consider. Try and talk to people; it will surprise you how easy it is to strike a conversation with a stranger. These classes will allow you to learn how to navigate the ups and downs of real life.

You can also get out and volunteer. You will meet people and also enjoy the fun and feeling that comes from doing something for others. You can simply help out at a food bank, clean up your street, or feed the homeless. The skills you build from these endeavors will go a long way in helping with social anxiety.


While the feeling of social anxiety can be strong and overwhelming, it’s false. Make the tips addressed in here a part of you. Attempt them now and involve them in your daily routine. They may just help you when things seem to get out of hand.

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