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3 Techniques to Enhance Your Sex Life

Updated: Jan 16

Sex. The very word alone intensifies all sorts of emotions. From love to passion, intimacy to romance…and, sometimes, unfortunately, stress. ‘Dry spells’ are a natural state in which any or all long term relationships experience, especially if you’re committed. Plus, there’s all those daily stressors and anxieties that can accumulate, knocking out our frisky side. But don’t fret. From role-play and cuddling to using toys and lube, here are three techniques that you can try to improve your sex life.

Focus on Intimacy

When we stress ourselves out about sex, (aka think about it too much) we work against our own and our partner’s needs. Stress is the ultimate mood killer. Still, there are things that can help, and switching focus to intimacy is one of the factors. Kissing, hugging, and cuddling your partner will reinforce your connection. Cuddling is known to relieve tension, stress, and anxiety while hugging rebuilds the affectionate bonds that brought you together in the first place. By removing the pressure of sex, you and your partner will be able to relax and intimacy is the path to rekindling our physical desires. So pop on a Netflix flick, grab some snacks, and cozy up with your significant other on the sofa.

Relieve Stress, The Mood Killer

Staying in good health by exercising, meditating, and eating well can all combat stress that may be seeping into your bedroom. By staying active, you perpetuate blood flow, contributing to your body’s general arousal. Also be open to talking to your partner about your sexual needs, while listening to theirs without resentment or judgment. Some couples find it extremely difficult to talk about sex, but by opening up, you can create a stronger bond and thereby enhance your sex life.

If you’re having some trouble relaxing, consider easing your anxiety with CBD infused sex products like lubrication, cannabis chocolates, or vapes. CBD can enhance sexual arousal, relieve pain during sex, and aide in overall relaxation while promoting orgasms in both male and female users. In fact, why not combine intimacy, sensuality, relaxation by giving each other a massage using CBD oil? Brands like Lazarus naturals offer a range of full-body lotions and full-spectrum massage oils that are perfect for just such an occasion.

Keep (or Make) Sex Fun!

Don’t make sex a chore Nothing is less sexy than feeling like sex has become a hum-drum task to cross off your to-do list. You might have to pencil it into your schedule, but so what? At least

make sure that you’ve taken time to lighten your mood beforehand. Otherwise, end up making sex feel as if you and your partner are setting off to work (in a bad way.) This can add unwanted pressure to the mix, creating that oh-so-familiar place of sexual frustration.

Instead, use your imaginations to come up with something fun. Reignite your fire. This could include role-playing (have you thought of asking about one another’s fantasies?), reading erotica, picking out erotic films together, or being adventurous by engaging in sex in a new location (Have you and your partner gotten down and dirty in the living room?) Or, maybe visit an adult novelty store together and pick-out a frisky product or try out some new lingerie. Don’t be shy!

Be sensual, drink wine in a hot tub surrounded by candles, take a shower or bath together, read poems, write one another love notes and leave them around the house for each other to find. Be adventurous and romantic.

When we say adventurous, we don’t just mean trying out new positions in the bedroom (although, you should do that too) but go out and have fun, laugh, be spontaneous. No matter how long you’ve been together, sparking those affectionate bonds are vital to your sexual well-being and your overall relationship.

Final Thoughts

There are several tips on enhancing your sex life out there that you can try. These are only a few suggestions to get you started. Seek outside advice like self-help techniques, a sexual counselor, or even a class if you feel that you need them. If you think it may be a serious issue, consult your doctor with any concerns. Most of all, discuss your needs and fantasies with your partner. You never know, you just might enjoy yourself!

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