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Most doctors support the party line that supplements don't "work". You will hear that there is no research to show that non-medicine approaches to disorders will help you. You will also hear that supplements can be dangerous. With the thousands of people who are injured every year from conventional medical approaches, I think my colleagues need to keep their opinions to themselves unless they really know. Some have said that the greatest ignorance is rejecting something you know nothing about. What I offer here, I have found to work for my family, my friends, my patients, and myself. Everyone is different, so I don't claim to have any cures. You will have to be the judge whether something works for you or not.

However, I never will claim that these supplements can help diagnose, cure, or treat any disease.  I make no claim as to their effectiveness and you must consult your personal physician for guidance if you decide to take them.

Nutritional Supplements/Emerson Ecologics

Nutritional Supplements/Emerson Ecologics


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