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Kickstart Your Life With a New Hobby

September 15th, 2019 12:00am

Kickstart Your Life With a New Hobby

Boredom is not just a problem for teens. This relatively “new” challenge of modern times has now spread to adults of every age. New research on boredom defines it as “wanting, but being unable, to engage in satisfying activity.” It can have negative consequences and has been linked to accidents on the job as well as impulse control problems such as binge eating and substance abuse. How can you combat boredom? You need to find an activity that provides your life with a bit of a jumpstart.

The Benefits of a New Hobby

Picking up a new hobby is good for your mind, body, and self-care. Even if you are a full-time working professional (or a workaholic), research has shown that having a hobby can help you recover from the high stress of a demanding job. That prevents burnout and allows you to be more productive at work.

Hobbies have even more benefits for you:

  • Learning a new skill keeps your brain sharp. In a recent study, seniors were randomly assigned different activities. Those who learned a new skill improved their memory function, which was still maintained a year later, and the harder the skill, the bigger the improvement.


  • Hobbies can provide “flow,” according to Verywell Mind. This healthy form of self-care is defined as “losing track of time when you’re absorbed in fulfilling work or another engaging activity.” It can bring peace and calm.


  • According to, research shows that as long as you are doing something you enjoy, a hobby will help you reduce stress and alleviate anxiety. Participants in one study felt happier, had lowered heart rates and felt calmer for hours after engaging in their hobby.


  • Hobbies are even beneficial for select groups, including seniors in addiction recovery and those suffering from isolation and depression.


Finding the Right Hobby for You

You'll be more motivated to keep at a hobby if you pick one that is right for you. As mentioned, it should be enjoyable. When exploring hobbies, Lifehack advises that you carve out half an hour a few times a week to try one out.

Here are some hobbies that can make your life more interesting:

  • Learning a Musical Instrument
    Learning to play an instrument can help you enhance your hand-eye coordination; your socialization skills, if done in a group setting; and your breathing, if you are learning a woodwind instrument. It may even boost your cognitive abilities.


  • Dancing

Getting physically active is often recommended for people who want to burn off excess stress, and dancing is probably the most enjoyable way to get your heart pumping. The dance styles you can learn are nearly endless, and the best part is that no matter which style you choose, you’ll be expressing yourself creatively every time you move your feet to the music.


  • Kayaking

Kayaking is a great way to get outdoors and on the water all while getting in a good workout and clearing your mind. It’s also a fun activity to do with the whole family. If you’ve got multiple kayaks, just make sure you’ve got the right trailer to transport them.


  • The Sewing Arts
    Knitting, crocheting, and needlepoint are hobbies that have diverse and passionate followers. These skills are great for building hand-eye coordination and for relieving stress. These “traditional” arts are something that anyone can learn. You can even create items to decorate your home or sell on Etsy. Learn about the benefits of this hobby from Mama in a Stitch.


  • Gardening
    There are many benefits to gardening, including exposure to nature, a dose of vitamin D from sun exposure, a bounty of fruits and vegetables, and improving the curb appeal of your home.


Hobbies are great for your physical, mental and emotional health. More importantly, they give you a wonderful outlet to reduce boredom.

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