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Top 30 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you a medical doctor?

    • Yes. I have practiced as a general internist, medical doctor, for 25 years.

  2. Are you a coach?

    • Yes.

  3. Why do you call yourself Coach MD?

    • During my years in practice as a medical doctor, I have discovered what gets people sick or what keeps them; in essence, their ability to manage the challenges of daily life. As a general doctor, I feel I would not be doing my job if I ignored this. Thus, I found my practice evolving where I have become a coach and mentor to many of my patients.

  4. What is the mission and vision of Coach MD?

    • My mission as Coach MD is for you to achieve total wellness - having more control over your life than you ever thought was possible. Turning sickness into health and health into optimal wellness - mind, body, and spirit working as one. I view this as transformational healthcare. My vision is getting you to "live your everyday extraordinary." Through enhanced self-awareness and personal action, you will learn how to unleash the power of your mind, and thus connecting with your true spiritual self and potential. Along the way, I will keep you informed with the most cutting edge medical technologies and breakthroughs so your body will be as healthy as your mind and spirit.

  5. Are you accepting new patients?

    • Yes.

  6. How do I become a patient?

    • My private practice is unique in that it is a retainer-based or concierge model. I was the tenth doctor in the US to have such a practice and I do see patients who agree to the terms of my practice. For more information, see the page on this website or call my office.

  7. Do you treat "regular" medical problems, like high blood pressure or bronchitis?

    • Yes.

  8. Are you available for consultation online, via telephone, or Skype?

    • Yes, after you agree to sign a release form, you may retain my services as a medical or life coach. However, I am prohibited from treating anyone who is not my patient and whom I cannot examine. Therefore, I can only be a coach, mentor, or consultant and cannot assume a role as your medical doctor unless you live close enough to travel to my office from time to time.

  9. How can you help me?

    • Through my unique vision and experience as a coach and medical doctor, I can help you restore faith in yourself, fully balance mind, body, and spirit, and provide you medical information. My goal is for you to live your everyday extraordinary.

  10. That sounds rather fluffy, what does that really mean?

    • We all have a very individual view of the world and our very existence through the prism of our life experience. Daily ups and downs impact our health in ways we can not even imagine. Once you identify particular challenges and trace them back to their origins, you will experience a sense of empowerment that will help you to see how extraordinary your life can be. It is hard to feel sick, or even get sick, when this happens.

  11. What methods do you use?

    • I use methods that have worked with personally and with thousands of patients over the years. Through my books and programs, you will develop a level of self-awareness that will help you in all aspects of your life, specifically money, health, and relationships. Your faith in yourself and humanity will be restored, giving you a newfound excitement for life.

  12. Do you believe in alternative medicine?

    • Yes.

  13. What is the difference between Alternative Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Conventional/Western/Mainstream medicine?

    • In my career, although I have seen the power of conventional medicine, I have also seen these approaches miss the mark and sometimes cause more problems, because they focus on treating with medications. Alternative Medicine focuses on methods to empower the body to help itself. In my opinion, Integrative medicine takes the best of mainstream medicine and links it with Alternative.

  14. Do you believe in vitamins, supplements, bioidentical hormones?

    • Yes. I have seen them help many patients and I personally take many vitamins and feel they have also helped me.

  15. Do you consider yourself a holistic doctor?

    • Yes.

  16. What does holistic mean?

    • In my opinion, holistic is exploring and utilizing all methods - alternative and conventional - to help you maximize not only your physical health, but also your mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

  17. Is your book Brain Drain a medical book?

    • Although you will find some lifestyle, diet, vitamin recommendations, this book focuses on the core origins of your current challenges, self-sabotages, and roadblocks.

  18. What is the Pulse of Life Personal Coaching System?

    • The Pulse of Life System, for short, is the natural evolution of my current approach and beliefs. This practical 7-step system will quickly move you past personal challenges and deliver you at a place of faith and personal power. To me, this is more important than any pill or vitamin I can give you. Restored faith and recognizing your pure potential will keep you healthy so you can live your everyday extraordinary.

  19. How can I get more information?

    • Join my email list to keep up to date on my latest ideas and activities. Also, feel free to contact my office. Make sure to take advantage of all the information on this website and on CoachMD on Facebook.

  20. I get so many emails; if I join your list will I get spammed?

    • I greatly respect your privacy and as in all my relationships, I treat people the way I wish to be treated. Therefore, I will never sell my list or use it for purposes other than what I feel is important content and consistent with my mission. You can unsubscribe at any time.

  21. Are you available for speaking engagements, workshops, or retreats?

    • Yes. I believe such one-on-one contact is where the greatest transformation takes place. Please contact me for further information.

  22. How do you approach serious issues such as Breast or Prostate Cancer?

    • One of my areas of expertise is staying current with the latest advances in medical science and technology. Unfortunately, due to the nature of most practices, doctors are unable to do research for their patients or entertain questions they might have regarding information they have found on the internet for instance. Recommendations will therefore, usually, come from cookie-cutter or textbook protocols which tend to be more aggressive and don't consider individual needs, wants, and beliefs. Since I treat people as individuals and act as a coach and guide as well as a doctor, the approach on which a person ultimately decides will be one that is both medically sound and individually appropriate.

  23. What is your interest in the field of life extension and what do you see as the most cutting edge medical technologies?

    • I have a particular interest in any modality that might safely extend life. Of the technologies available today, restricting calories is the most consistent way that one can add years to their life. However, the fields of genomic medicine and new stem cell technologies are areas I am keeping a close eye on. I am also particularly interested in Telomere length measurement as a biomarker of aging.

  24. What is the most promising development in medical research that might lead to cures for chronic diseases and/or extend life?

    • Research in stem cells is the most promising. This has nothing to do with taking embryonic stem cells from aborted babies. Most stem cell research is being done on cells in your own body which can be reprogrammed and differentiated into healthy cells that can later be used to replace damaged or diseased ones.

  25. What do you think are the most important things I can do to live long and healthy?

    • Maintain a positive attitude, eat a sensible diet, exercise regularly, and meditate daily. There is much research showing that all of these can decrease the rate at which telomeres shorten. Telomeres are like the caps on the end of shoelaces that cap off the top of your chromosomes. Each time your cells divide, these caps get shorter and when they get too short, your chromosome frays like a shoelace without its caps, leading to cell death. Meditation and maintaining a positive attitude slows down this shortening.

  26. How do I purchase one of your digital products? 

    • You will click the "add to cart" button and proceed to checkout. After completing your purchase, you will receive the product via email. Some of the products will require you to download onto your computer to view the entire content.

  27. When will I receive my digital product?

    • Within 24 hours of your purchase.

  28. What is your return policy on digital products?

    • I offer a 60-day full refund assurance, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. So that I may continue to offer products and services that are consistent with your needs, I ask that you email me your request for a refund with a brief explanation for your request. Your refund will not depend in any way on your explanation.

  29. When will I receive my physical product?

    • You will receive your purchased product within 3 - 5 business days.

  30. What is your return policy on physical products?

    • I offer a 60-day full refund assurance, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. So that I may continue to offer products and services that are consistent with your needs, I ask that you email me your request for a refund with a brief explanation for your request. Your refund will not depend in any way on your explanation. Because of the physical nature of the product, I must charge a $10 re-stocking fee on any supplement, book, or CD program.


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