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Dr Charles' Books

Dr. Glassman has created books that has people saying things like this, "Dr. Glassman has the ability to speak through the written word as though he is speaking with you face to face. The knowledge he shares is presented in a very readable and inspiring way. It is exciting to think that his ability to help others has been greatly expanded through his books. I am certain that many lives will be positively changed through his amazing work."

And what else are people telling Dr. Charles, Coach MD?

quote“As a certified personal development coach who also holds a PhD I am always interested in great self-help strategies that are grounded in the scientific behavioral research findings; as opposed to empty fluff with pie-in-the-sky promises. Dr. Glassman is the real deal. Genuine, knowledgeable, and sincere in his mission to help people live happier lives.“ R.D.M.
quote“This book is my personal inspirational bible. You want to share it with anyone you care about. The warning is that once you start to read each page, you just keep motivating yourself on to the next, with the feeling that you are not alone after all. Dr. Glassman's sensitive wisdom is pronounced throughout the chapters. He is with you, cover to cover, guiding the reader to awaken the power of mind, body and spirit which is never too late to instigate. ” L.C.
quote“Although Dr. Glassman suggests reading one chapter of Brain Drain per week, I couldn't put it down and read it in a couple of days. The information in the book is practical, easy to understand, and very helpful. I have already shared the concept of the "automatic brain" and used the "revelation grid" with family members and friends who were dealing with anxiety and other stresses. Dr. Glassman shares his insight in an informal tone with personal stories that illustrate his ideas. Reading the book feels like having a relaxed discussion with a caring physician and coach. I look forward to sharing this book with patients and friends. ” A.N.


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    Get Fit For Life With ULTRA FIT
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    Brain Drain - Hardcover
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    Brain Drain - Audio Book
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    Brain Drain - Digital
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    Destiny Diet - Digital
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    The Faces Behind the Pages That Inspire

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