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Are you tired of the violence that the media exposes you to on a regular basis?

Your Coach MD has some tips you can follow so you won't fall into their trap.

Here are 8 tips from Coach MD to get you on the path to losing weight.

To be sure, when times are going well, it is easy to have faith.

But what happens when the going gets tough; when tragedy strikes?

In this episode of Coach MD TV, I show how 8 steps can help you

maintain and even strengthen your faith despite hard times.

What does Miss Utah, Selena Gomez, & Channing Tatum

have to do with your Mind and health? Watch and find out!

7 Tips to make yourself more attractive, more sexy, and healthier.

What does this trial teach us about ourselves and our ability to

reach our greatness - tapping into our divine nature? Let me give

you a hint, it has nothing to do with anger you may feel or what pundits are telling you.

You will be surprised just how much this very basic response

controls most aspects of our daily life.

Shingles is real and some may need the vaccine; however, you are not

being told the entire, true story. Hear how a pharmaceutical giant created

the need for the vaccine and what you and your doctor can do about.

Breast cancer awareness is anything but. It generally only focuses on

encouraging women to go for mammograms and that's about it. Watch this

episode of Coach MD TV and get some real awareness.


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