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Brain Drain - Hardcover


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Winner: IPPY Award for Best Self-Help Book; Eric Hoffer Award for Best Health Book; Los Angeles Book Festival, Spirituality Category; Pinnacle Achievement Award, best Self-Help Book.

Are you or is someone you know... 

  • Stuck in an unhappy relationship?
  • Always seemingly sick?
  • Too stressed and exhausted to enjoy life?
  • Unable to break free of bad habits and unsure how to fix the situation?
  • Do the daily occurrences and interactions with others frustrate and anger you if someone gets in your way?
  • When life is going great, do you find yourself constantly expecting the worst?  

Dr. Glassman's book, Brain Drain, discloses the universal answers to these questions, with an original and groundbreaking revelation that gives you the tools to stop your personal "brain drain" and help you find the things in life that are right for you. This will lead to better health, vitality, faith, and restore a sense of purpose in your life.


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