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Charles F. Glassman, MD, FACP

Dr. Glassman specializes in personalized, patient focused care, with an emphasis on wellness and prevention.

Dr. Glassman has practiced general internal medicine, for over 25 years, in Rockland County, NY, a suburban community 30 miles north of New York City, designing his practice to be patient-centered instead of problem-focused. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude, from Hobart College in Geneva, NY. He graduated from New York Medical College and completed his Internship and Residency at Montefiore Medical Center and Westchester County Medical Center. Over the years he has seen the shift of medical practices from patient focused to problem focused; from health care to sick care.

 As a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and Life Extension Foundation member, Dr. Glassman approaches medicine in an integrative manner, looking carefully at all traditionally approved methods while recognizing the power of unconventional therapies. Throughout his career, Dr. Glassman has seen mainstream medicine discredit some of these unconventional approaches, only to endorse them years later.

Never sacrificing doing what is right for majority opinion, he strongly believes that his patients cannot afford to wait for mainstream medicine to endorse present cutting edge medical technology that may greatly enhance and even extend life. He is excited to bring the same level of competence and open-mindedness to his new designation as Coach MD.


In The Media

Dr. Glassman has appeared on ABC news, Bloomberg Radio, National Public Radio, Sirius/XM, Hay House Radio with Wayne Dyer, The Wall Street Journal Radio, and numerous other affiliates around the country speaking on his unique approach to health care. Dr. Glassman’s numerous articles and letters on health care have appeared in The New York Times and other publications. Dr. Glassman has hosted radio shows on and Killer Healthcare and Medicine on the Cutting Edge on






Dr. Glassman feels fortunate to have received numerous awards and recognition from his peers and patients. Among them are the respected Top Doctors award in the NY Metro and Hudson Valley regions, U.S. World and News Report Top Doctor list, Consumer Research Council of America Top Doctor, Compassionate Doctor Award, and Patient Choice Award.




Brain Drain

Dr. Glassman began distributing a weekly motivational email message to patients and friends in January 2007. By May 2008, his distribution list had grown so much and interest in his messages had become so high that Dr. Glassman decided to turn his philosophy and advice into a book. That’s how Brain Drain came about. Starting in May 2008, his weekly messages formed the basis for chapters of this book. Brain Drain has won multiple awards; among them the IPPY Award for best book in the Self-Help category, the Eric Hoffer Award for best book in the Health category, and the Los Angeles Book Festival Award for best book in the Spirituality category.




New Program: The Brain Code 

           You’ve come to a point in your life when you begin to ask, “Is that all there is?” You may have accumulated wealth, or you may still struggle to make ends meet. It doesn’t matter, you still wonder, “What’s my purpose? Why am I here?” Perhaps you’re struggling with a health issue and wonder, “Why me?” Maybe you’ve been in and out of relationships, or maybe you're in a stable, long-term relationship, yet in your quietest moments the question remains, “Who am I?”

            In his more than quarter-century of medical practice, and after untold thousands of patient visits, Charles F. Glassman, MD, has found that the key to optimal wellness is balancing mind, body, and spirit to deal with the challenges of daily life...and help people answer those existential questions. Standing alone among the sea of books telling us the best diet, medication, vitamins, and exercises, Dr. Glassman's powerful new program shows that the key lies within ourselves, and we can find it by unlocking the power of our mind and reaching the gateway to our Divine nature.   Patients who come to Dr. Glassman seek not just a medical diagnosis, but a human touch that can guide them to solutions for the torments, challenges, triumphs and failures of their lives.

             In his forthcoming program, Dr. Glassman reveals how the most primitive parts of our brain control most of our thoughts and behavior the same as for our cave-dwelling ancestors and even for people with mental illness. It's a situation that can stand in the way of personal success, satisfying personal relationships, and optimum physical health.

            Dr. Glassman program will take you on a journey through the workings of what he calls the automatic brain (the AB), the machine behind our primitive nature.  Understanding that brain and how it works in all humankind makes it easier to comprehend society's pressures and the stress of conflict, both personal and global; the widespread dissatisfaction with doctors and healthcare; and the unending racial and political divisions in the United States. His unique take on religion and religious doctrine may threaten and shake up conventional beliefs, but in the end, both believers and non-believers will gain a deeper spirit and faith in the Divine nature present in all humankind.

            In his program, participants will see why Dr. Glassman is recognized as Coach MD in more than 70 countries, and his writings have resonated with thousands all over the world. Says Dr. Glassman: "Though our life experiences may differ, we all possess the same duality—a primitive nature and a Divine nature. In my book I will show you how to realize the latter, no matter who you are, and how to discover your inner riches so you can begin winning the lottery, today." 

Social Media and Global Reach

Although he practices in a relatively small community, Dr. Glassman as Coach MD is known in more than 40 countries delivering his brand of physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance. His Facebook following alone is over 720,000!




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