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3 Symptoms of Asbestos Exposure To Watch For

June 14th, 2023 12:00am

3 Symptoms of Asbestos Exposure To Watch For

When we get sick, we notice our symptoms first. We then list these symptoms to our doctor, who diagnoses the problem and helps create a solution. Often, the solution involves a medication that fixes the problem and eliminates the symptoms.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with asbestos exposure. Symptoms of asbestos exposure don’t appear until a disease develops or an existing medical condition worsens. Many of these issues are irreversible. However, knowing which symptoms to watch for can still help you receive the proper medical diagnosis and find relief.

Lung Problems: Shortness of Breath, Wheezing, and Chest Pain

Asbestos was a common building material, especially in the 1970s. It is made of flexible silicate mineral fibers. When people ingest these fibers, often through inhaling asbestos dust, the fibers start to cause lung problems. The most common issues are scarring and inflammation. Symptoms of scarring and inflammation that you should watch for are shortness of breath, wheezing, and chest pain or tightness.

Throat Problems: Hoarseness and Difficulty Swallowing

While lung problems are the most common asbestos exposure symptoms, some people also experience problems with their throats. Since dangerous asbestos fibers travel down the throat into the lungs, this is unfortunately unsurprising. Symptoms can include hoarseness and difficulty swallowing.

Weight Problems: Weight and Appetite Loss

Our entire body can react against the scarring, inflammation, and health problems from asbestos exposure. Many people can experience unintended weight loss as they struggle with these complications. Loss of appetite is also common as the body focuses more on breathing than other needs, such as hunger.

Asbestos dust continues to cause health problems, even though the US government banned it as a building material in the 1980s. If you’re working in a building built or renovated before 1989, you could find yourself exposed to asbestos. Learn about the differences between asbestos abatement and remediation, as well as these three symptoms of asbestos exposure to watch for. Inform your doctor if you know you were previously exposed to asbestos so they can create a treatment plan to help you get better.

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